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I'm not PJ, but he's my hero.
The story behind this account is simple - a few days ago, I noticed DanHowell and PhilLester had been created. I thought that another member of the Fantastic Foursome should be Witty-ified. And just like those two Witty authors, I've been with Dan, Phil, PJ, and Chris from the beginning, and it has really been the best experience I could have ever asked for.  
So this is dedicted to the amazing YouTuber, filmmaker, songwriter, and friend - here we go.
Yo; PJ Liguori, or kickthepj, tiny planet explorer.

Are you reAdy for An Adventure?

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"Go do something you wanna do.
If you have ideas.
if you have things to do.
just go and do them.
Just bloody do them!

PJ Liguori

"He felt homesick for places he had never been. He missed hearts he had never loved."

-Pete Wentz, The Boy With the Thorn in His Side

Sitting before   you is not a man,
but merely a cracked shell.
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