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Hello, Earthling, and welcome to my page. c: 
diz b33z dina 
LOLNO.  Don't type like that. 
I love you. 
You're beautiful.
You're parents' chromosomes combined greatly.
If anyone tells you different, punch them in the neck & run. 
Bye! ♥
My dad's buying me One Direction tickets for their concert next year! :DDD I LOVE YOU SO FREAKING MUCH DAD.!! Scrolling

Quotes by PaWsOmE_tAcO

the divergent fandom now: a group of nerdy kids with pimples 
the divergent fandom when the trailer comes out: madison square garden

just realized thahigh school musical
is musical about a high school that does musicals


how normal people flirt:
can i have your number? ;)
i flirt:
if you were a tree, you'd be a good tree

format credit: PaWSOmE_tAcO

dear microsoft word,
im pretty sure i spelled my name right

format credit: PaWSOmE_tAcO

i cannot formulate 

an expression using tangible words that would even begin to describe how much you annoy me

format credit to: PaWsOmE_tAcO

My 4 talents

speed texting



most girls: i hang out with guys cause it's less drama
me: i hang out with myself cause there's no drama
They should make potato chip bags quieter.
It's unfortunate when I'm trying to open it up stealthily and all you hear is 
I think people are forgot that Harry dumped Taylor
Because she wouldnt sleep with him.
And /SHE'S/ the bad one.

Sometimes when I say
I'm okay,

I want someone to look in my eyes, hug me tight, and say
 "here, have these One Direction tickets."