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"Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free." J. Morrison. “You can’t save others from themselves because those who make a perpetual muddle of their lives don’t appreciate your interfering with the drama they’ve created. They want your poor-sweet-baby sympathy, but they don’t want to change.” ― Sue Grafton, T is for Trespass “All the world's a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.” ― Seán O'Casey

Quotes by PandaPenguin

My ship went down, in a  sea of sound.
A handful of moment I wish I could change.
And a tounge like a knife that could cut like a blade.
Watching a podcast on itunes, they brought up the shooting in Newton and then got into this whole big ban gun contraversey. The thing is, good guys with guns can't stop badguys with guns. But banning guns won't stop criminals from getting a gun, sense when do criminals follow the law? That's like saying, you can't smoke dope and sense it's a law you'll respect and follow that. Guns aren't going away, knives aren't going away, and noone can do anything about it. Before this and maybe even now, anyone with a debt card could walk into any hunting store or gun store and swipe a card and walk out carrying the gun. Personally, once I'm of age I'm getting a liesence to carry a concealed weapon, because I want that security and I want to know if anything happens to me or someone I know, I can defend them or me in any situation. I also think America needs to stop with this arguing and just step back and look at it's other problems. Shootings happen, and they suck, but they happen, you can't do anything about that except make getting a gun more challenging and make sure those who want a gun lock it up and take full responsibility of making sure you are the only one who comes into contact with said gun.
Ask me questions.
As  a teen or as a mother,
I'll answer them to my best extent and hopefully help/humor you in my answers.
If i built card board cars that actually drove and went really fast would you race me through candy land and up icream mountian to the cherry at the top??

If you did, we would be dead before we got to the cherry top. I'm a crazy driver. Lol. Sounds exciting though!! I'm down!
Some 12 year old on witty: "Why would you put that out on this website?! You're an attention w****"

Me: LOLWOT? So I tell people that I have a daughter instead of keeping it a secret, sorry I'm not ashamed of my child, maybe slightly ashamed that I took my time and talked to you though.
Love me for who I am.
Not what I've done.
You know, it's sad how teenagers these days think so irrationally.
Don't like what your boyfriend did to you? Let's hurt yourself.
Someone isn't treating you right? Let's take a blade to your wrist.
You got called a name? Left in the dust? Cry about it and burn yourself.
Just remember if you're reading this and you took the time,
This time you save yourself.
Because noone cares about you as much as you.
Noone is going to take care of you unless you take care of yourself.
People think that just because I'm a teen mother they can take cheap shots at me.
I have advice for any expecting teen mom. It's hard.
It's not hard how you think it's going to be, waking up every hour is easy.
But you will constantly get slurrs thrown at you, and your child.
Now I can handle being insulted, it's really never fased me.
But if you come up to me, on Facebook, or in the mall.
And call my daughter a mistake.

Well, you're done.

Because I don't let anyone insult any 10 month year old child.
So dear guy at the mall who I use to go to school with.

How's the broken nose?
Looking more like her mommy everyday.
Wittians I need your help!

I'm moving into a new room, that I have free range with, I have so many Ideas and I just can't makeup my mind! Please help! So many ideas going through my head! So I have these ideas, and I need help deciding! One of my walls is going to be a creative wall, now I'll tell you what  I was thinking! 

Idea #1: A huge city skyline of tops of buildings and stars, think the effiel tower with little golden silver stars dotting the sky, Accented by the lights I'll be hanging around the top of the ceiling. Very detailed to set the mood of Paris and love.

Idea #2: A big collage of painted things I love, A TARDIS, with the doctor peaking out the door and a painted galaxy behind him as it floats through time and space.

Idea #3: A big tree, painted in all black with photographs (Stuck to wall) of all of my family and friends. then behind the tree I'll paint Little signigant things that I love, owls, stars, maybe a silhotte of a girl near the tree, with a camera around her neck and a journal in her hands.

  Idea #4: Section off the wall into four parts, each with a murial that is about me.   Comment ideas? I need them.