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Herro, I'm Paola♥
Nice to meet chaa. I have 15 years of age, November 8th is the date. I'm from Massachusetts, && I'm in 10th grade♥. :D I love mii friends, and I love making new friends. x3 So don't be afraid to comment, like, please do :3 If you don't like me, please feel free to leave this page, lol :3♥ Aniwais~ I love music♥. Mii favorite types are, Rock, Alternative, Metal, and Country. For thos of you who hate Taylor Swift. Just leave xD Cuz she's mii [idol♥]  and I went to her concert and she touched me x3 Lol♥. My favorite colors are Purple, Black and Pink, [as you can tell by mii quotes?] BUT YEA.. enough with this chatting Comment me alreadie.♥ Hehee x3

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Quotes by PaolarBear

Forever  is  a  long  time ;
                                                                                              but I wouldn't mind spening it by your side.

Laughter is a smile,
with the volume turned up.

Look for the girl with the  B - R - O - K - E - N   smile,  ask her  if she wants to  s.t.a.y  a while . .

[&&] She W l    be lved


||||||  WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE    ||||||
 running       x       round       x        leaving      x        scars,
--------------- Collecting  your   jars  of  hearts  and  tearing  love  apart
You're     ganna   ca tch  a   c old;   from   the  ice   inside   your   soul      

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You had me at;

                                                                                                      Hello. .


Reading a Wiz Khalifa quote.
And thinking 
» Ye a . .   h e    n e v e r   said   t h a t.  

- ♥ -

Ju s t  keep  in  md;
There are still billions of people left in the world, that could make you even happier.

I'm not emo.
..not Prep.

..not Gangster

..not Goth

..not Her

..nor am I Her Friend
[I'm me, and I have my own style

So don't lable me, it'll make life much easier.
[&&] If you don't like that

*then go ahead
and leave*

See if I care to even
Look back


[&&] if you're going to turn out to be;
 ThPersoYou SaiYou'll Never Be 
                 Feel free to leave, you're just not ment for me..


||||||    DROP EVERYTHING NOW.      ||||||
meet       me       in      the      pouring      rain,
---------------- Kiss me on the sidewalk take away the pain
'C a use   I   see   sparks   fly   whenever   you   » s  m  i  l  e  

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