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(fictional world > real world)
its been 9 months since I last logged in. wow.
witty is different from 2013. this looks good.

Quotes by cujo*

"Strip back the beliefs pasted on by governesses, schools, and states, you find indelible truths at one's core. Rome'll decline and fall again, Cortés'll lay Tenochtitlán to waste again, and later, Ewing will sail again, Adrian'll be blown to pieces again, you and I'll sleep under the Corsican stars again, I'll come to Bruges again, fall in and out of love with Eva again, you'll read this letter again, the sun'll grow cold again. Nietzsche's gramophone record. When it ends, the Old One plays it again, for an eternity of eternities."
— David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas
[one day soon]

i will
hold you
like the
sun holds
the moon

[one day soon]
omg in a couple of days it will be 2014 
holy babies
hi to my followers, this is your paperlung speaking
i kinda took advantage of the name change thing,
should i keep or ditch it? is it too unrecognizable?

: sold my bed
but not my ::
::: stereo ::

one thing i like are strangers who got your back in awkward public situations, they are
the coolest people ever bc they save ur àss and you'll probably never see them again

When a band changes - either they change their sound, a member leaves, or even break apart - it is good. It is all good. ALL is good. Yup. You can be upset, you can be proud, you can be disappointed. But if you whine about any of those things, I'm telling you, you are basically devaluing their journey making music. These bands, these people, they grow up, they learn, they experience and all that is represented in their music - in themselves. Changes are brought on by growing up. If you want to stay the same, go ahead, but don't tell others whether they should or should not.

plus, whining about a band is so 2006
but i guess you probably weren't there to actually know that
sucks to be you sometimes

The ultimate definition of bravery is not being afraid of who you are.

and if you're still breathing,
you  are  the  lucky  ones
cause most of us are heaving
through corrupted lungs
setting fire to our insides for
fun. collecting names of the
lovers that  went  wrong 

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