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its been 9 months since I last logged in. wow.
witty is different from 2013. this looks good.

cujo*'s Favorite Quotes

Me: Hey mum, what’s for dinner today?


Me: Mum?

Mum: Oh my God, WHAT DO YOU WANT?
Do you seriously have to keep on annoying me every day, asking those stupid questions all the time?
Do you really have nothing better to do?
Are you doing this on purpose or are you just an idiot?
This quote does not exist.

i want to write a poem that personifies
the sky until it is no longer inanimate and
i want to write a single sentence that
sticks in the mind like tree sap and
i want to write a song that can make
everywhere from the ears to the knees smile.
but mostly i want to write a note
that can make you fall back in love with me.

This quote does not exist.

Wake up with determination.
Go to bed with satisfaction.

My friend and her bf just broke up and she called me crying and I was all like “You’re going to fall in love so many times before you find the one you’ll be with forever. So think of it this way; you’re one heartbreak closer to happily ever after.” and I think she thought I was being deep and insightful, but really I was quoting wizards of waverly place

im not boyish enough to be a boy and im not pretty enough to be a girl im just some sort of weird creature in the middle like a snail


Witty is kinda dead.
So here's what we should do.

It's the best way to get more active users. You don't have to tell them your account, but just show them the website! As many people as possible; if you think they'll be interested, get them to join. People wonder why the 'old witty' used to be so active. It's because a lot of users would constantly be inviting new people to join, and recycling the community. It works, so do it! 

Traffic is so sloooooow for two reason; there aren't a lot of uers, and therefore there aren't a lot of quotes. So write more quotes! Make the 'New' page active again. I'm not saying you should make a quote of every mundane thought that goes through your mind (not that there's anything wrong with that) but seriously, how can you complain about inactivity if you only write two quotes a week? Look at all your absolute favourite usres, or the ones with the most followers; more often than not, they'll be active themselves, and write a lot of quotes. That's the whole point of Witty.

I've noticed this year that some of you are pretty stringent with your faves. Which is cool. But just remember that the more quotes you fave, the more quotes get faves, and if everyone does that, theoretically, every quote gets more faves on average. This is how to go from gettign 100 faves on a top quote back to getting 1000.

Yeah, I get it, it looks 'messy' to follow a ton of people or whatever. But the fact is that it's gonna get more people to see more different users and their quotes. And you also get to see more cool quotes on your own homepage. And if everyone follows more people, then again, theoretically, everyone gets - on average - more followers, more people seeing their quotes, more traffic, blahblahblah.

Put up posters! If you care enough or are bored enough, take screencaps and post them on facebook/twitter/tumblr/instagram/whatever else you waste your time on. Tell the friends that you invite to invite THEIR friends.


- use this website how you wish everyone would. If you don't like a ton of boring layouts, make or use exciting one (you can literally use ANYONE'S layout as long as you keep credit; it's not that hard!). If you don't like your quotes only getting five faves, then fave more quotes. If you don't like quotes about cutting, for example, then don't write them, don't fave them, just ignore them!

- go to 'new' quotes before 'top quotes'. Regularly check up on the 'people you follow'.

-Talk to users you like! It's fun! You're never gonna make friends on here unless you comment users you'd like to talk to. It also gets more traffic in your page, btw. ;)

-For God's sake, stop complaining to Steve about every little thing. He's not your mother. If you have a problem, PLEASE try to solve it yourself before running to the site creator for help.

-I'm biased on this one. But please, ffs, use nice formats. And iclude credit, oh my god.

-I love love love going through all the quotes of users I like. If you're bored or you feel there aren't any good quotes here anymore, go to your followers list, and read all of the quotes by someone. I tend to do this a lot for users who have already left.

-Browse through 'following' lists. It's a great way to find new amazing users.

-WRITING ORIGINAL QUOTES IS NOT HARD. And pretty much everyone prefers it. So give it a try. :L

Okay, that's all I can think off the top of my head right now. Suggestions? Advice? Rants about the old witty and how much you miss it? The comment box is your friend. :') I may make more quotes like this. (Should I?) &&& what else lalalalaaaa, yeah,


P.S. Don't mind the tags. I need people to see this. xD

If you gave me $1000 to spend,
I would still click lowest to highest price

Me: [accidently cares more about bands than education]