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Quotes by PaperPanda

yet you've already replaced me...

  give up  on me.


words hurt.

please stop saying malicious words that you know will bring people down; you don't know their life story or how insecure they already are.

those words haunt them and stay in their mind forever.

I failed, I'm sorry. 



It sucks when I try my best... and it's just not good enough. </3



I feel like
 I keep disappointing  everyone.



i just wanna show you, 
she don't even know you
she's never gonna love you,
like i want to
and you just see right through me,
but if you only knew me
we could be a beautiful miracle, unbelieveable
instead of just invisible

~Taylor Swift

I hate it when:
I text someone
and they never text me back.

And they make me feel stupid, worthless, and desperate.


You know what sucks?
Being in love with someone that's in love with someone else. </3