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I'm Caroline and I like this band called Paramore

Quotes by Blurryface*

Say hello to all my little nightmares
they're right here
I know them well
that was the day i got my biggest scar.
you just can't see it.


I just need to be reminded that
the way things were back then       are a lot different than they way
they are now.
I am a different person.
I was molded over time by different people and experiences.
The old me is in here, but as I aged I grew as a person and have progressed so far from that girl I was four years ago.
I'm still awesome though.
So awesome.                  

~ Survey ~
1. What is your middle name? - Caroline
2. How old are you? 18
3. When is your birthday? - March 12th
4. What is your zodiac sign? - Pisces 
5. What is your favourite colour? - Black and blue
6. What's your lucky number? - 12 & 5
7. Do you have any pets? - Nope
8. where are you from? - New York
9. How tall are you? - 5'6
10. What shoe size are you? - 9.5
11. How many pairs of shoes do you own? - many
12. What was your last dream about? - Spending time with my fav
13. What talents do you have? - I'm artsy...kind of obsessed with photoshop
14. Are you psychic in any way? - not really. I got the whole deja vu thing but that's it
15. Favourite song? - The Judge, Polarize, Doubt by Twenty One Pilots, at the moment.
16. Favourite movie? - Age of Ultron or any Marvel movie really
17. Who would be your ideal partner? - someone who's a giant dork and treats me right
18. Do you want children? - Yes
19. Do you want a church wedding? - Yeah I guess
20. Are you religious? - Kind of
21. Have you ever been in a hospital? - mmhm
22. Have you ever gotten in trouble with the law? - Nope
23. Have you ever met any celebrities? - A few
24. Bath or showers? - Showers
25. What colour socks are you wearing? - white and blue/pink
26. Have you ever been famous? - lol no but my family has. 
27. Would you like to be a big celebrity? - Nah
28. What kind of music do you like? - I'm not very picky
29. Have you ever been skinny dipping? - Nope
30. How many pillows do you sleep with? - two
31. What position do you usually sleep in? - stomach
32. How big is your house? - average
33. What do you typically have for breakfast? - waffles 
34. Have you ever fired a gun? - Nope, they wouldn't let me
35. Have you ever tried archery? - Yeah! 
36. Favourite clean word? - drat
37. Favourite swear word? - f/uck or s.hit
38. What's the longest you've ever gone without sleep? - I don't even know
39. Do you have any scars? - yes.
40. Have you ever had a secret admirer? - Apparently so, I just found this out???? 
41. Are you a good liar? - LOL no
42. Are you a good judge of character? - I'm getting better
43. Can you do any other accents other than your own? - nope
n44.Do you have a strong accent? - I don't think so
45. What is your favourite accent? - British or Irish or Scottish
46. What is your personality type? - I'm usually happy and like to listen to people.
47. What is your most expensive piece of clothing? - Prom dress
48. Can you curl your tongue? - mmhm
49. Are you an innie or an outie? - innie
50. Left or right handed? - right handed
51. Are you scared of spiders? -They're gross
52. Favourite food? - Just feed me
53. Favourite foreign food? - feeeeeed meeee
54. Are you a clean or mess person? - messy lolol
55. Most used phrase? - Rad
56. Most used word?-Rad, dork
57. How long does it take for you to get ready? - fifteen minutes
58. Do you have much of an ego? - nope
59. Do you suck or bite a lollipop? - Both
60. Do you talk to yourself? - Yup
61. Do you sing to yourself? - yeah
62. Are you a good singer? - haha no
63. Biggest fear? failure probably. also being outside at night alone.
64. Are you a gossiper? kind of. I don't spread stuff though. 
65. Best dramatic movie you've ever seen? - I don't even know omg
66. Do you like long or short hair? - both, but long on me 
67. Can you name all 50 states of America? - give me a few minutes and I can
68. Favourite school subject? - Art
69. Extrovert or introvert? - ...ambivert? 
70. Have you ever been scuba diving? - nah
71. What makes you nervous? - college (also at the same time it doesn't)
72. Are you scared of the dark? - not if I'm with someone or in my room
73. Do you correct people when they make mistakes? - sometimes
74. ARe you ticklish? - yes
75. Have you ever started a rumor? - nope
76. Have you ever been in a position of authority? - yeah
77. Have you ever drank underage? - nope
78. Have you ever done drugs? - nope
79. WHo was your first real crush? - Thomas?
80. How many piercings do you have? - just my ears for now
81. Can you roll your Rs? - lol naaaah
82. How fast can you type? - relatively fast
83. How fast can you run? - LOL running
84. What colour is your hair? - blonde
85. What colour are your eyes? - blue or grey-blue depending on the day
86. What are you allergic to? stress
87. Do you keep a journal? - more like a tumblr
88. What do your parents do? - work
89. Do you like your age? - Yes
90. What makes you angry? - Not much.
91. Do you like you own name? - Yeah
92. Have you alreay thought of baby names and if so what are they? - Not recently, actually
93. Do you want a boy or a girl for a child? - either one will be nice
94. what are your strengths? - I'm artsy and can bounce back fairly quickly
95. What are your weaknesses? - Overthinking 
96. How did you get your name? - It was my great aunt's I think
97. Were your ancestors royalty? nah 
98. Do you have any scars? - Yes
99. Colour of your bedspread? -  grey and green
100. Colour of your room? - Green, but not for long...
I forgot how heavy
my heart was that day. Discussing it
two years later is difficult.
that was the day i got my biggest scar.
you just can't see it.


you put something back in me that
hasn't been there in a while.



Cause if you're lookin' for heaven
baby it sure as hell ain't me



sweet night with a sweet person

can you save my 

"I'd die for you"
that's easy to say
we have a list of people
that we would take a bullet for

"I'd live for you"
and that's hard to do
even harder to say when you know
it's not true