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Quotes by ParisMalibu

Remember the "I love you more" arguments?
Well I won.
Remember the "I love you more" arguments?
Well I won.
He can stop pretending like he cares.
I erase you your pictures on my phone and stripped them all from my room. I took out anything that reminds me of you. I gave back your camera and board games. I read over the letters you gave me when you said forever. All the worry and stress you put me through. I dont miss you at all. i miss the memories from back when you loved me.
If we listen to Taylor Swift when were heart broken. What does she listen to? Herself or something...
Taylor: Yeah thats so relatable. Its not like wrote it or anything...
There's plenty of fish in the sea.
But I want NEMO!
I just lost the game.
SUCKERS! You thought you were safe on youre comfy bed with chocolate and netflix. YOU WERE WRONG!
I like this quote.

yeah. thats all.... carry on
I dont many quotes because I can never find the PERFECT format. thats it. im goin newspaper print. Not like people remember that font anymore anyway!
Now youre just somebody that I use to know.