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I'lgive you onmore time.


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Quotes by fool's gold*

And I don't know how it get better than this,
yotakmy hanandrame headfirst,

fearless. And I don't know why but
wityoI'dancein storm, 
                imbest dress, fearless.


I like to think that we had it all.
we drew map tbetteplace,
but on that road I took a fall.
I was there for you in your darkest times,
wathere for yoin youdarkest night,
but I wonder where were you,
when I waamworst

creds to br0kenwings
that therwas something abouyoneeded.
Turns out it wasn't something about you,
iwas jusyou


It killed me but I survived,
and noI'm coming alive.
I'll never be that girl again, no oh, oh.
Minnocencis wearinthin,
but my heart is growing strong.
so call mecall mecall me, Miss Movin On.

© format coded by: br0kenwings


t o   t a k e   a   { d e e p  }   b r e a t h   a n d   ♥ ♥ ♥


myself that not everyone will break me 

like yodid.

   A   THousaND   YeArs
        go by, but love don't die. 
      if I know one thing, that's true, it's that I'm
NEveR  LeAVInyou.

no matter what the people say, 

I know that we'll never break,

'cause our love was made,

                    made ithUSA. ♥ 

The thing is, we could have. We could have done
anything, coulhavdone it all. ♥
© irrestible

Please don't forget
the songs we listened to
 or   t h e   t h i n g s   w e                            t a l k e d   a b o u t.   [  P l e e   d o n ' t   f o r g e t  ] 

my smile, or my voice.

PleASDON'T Forget me.

Althe brokehearts ithe 
   worlstilbeat, let'not

 make it harder than it has to be.

    Oohh, it's all the same thing,
girlchasboys, chase girls. ♥ 

                                 GIRLS CHASE BOYS//INGRID MICHAELSON ♥


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