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This place has kinda been ditched
so um yeah. hi.

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My Friend:‚Äč Yeah, I remember the good ol' days when all I wanted for Christmas was a unicorn...

Me: Shut up!



I know I'm getting one this year.
Plot Twist:

The world ends on Thursday.


That amazing feeling,

when you can't stop smiling.

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What time is it?
It's spring time.


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My quote, please don't steal.


Age is just a number...

and in your case, a big one.

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It's my birthday!


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Thank you so much for believing in my weirdness!

~Katy Perry


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I typed in, "MEOW is" into both of these search engines....                             Google           VS.         YAHOO!
MEOW is... the winter of our discontent                             MEOW is... the time

Who do you think wins?

Sorry, but, I don't really care about how One Direction does... anything. It's like people can become obsessed with something too easily. And, I mean, shouldn't you be doing something useful? Like, I don't know, doing your homework?


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I'm trying to be a sensitive father, you unwanted moron.
~Homer Simpson

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