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Quotes by PerfectTwo

That awkward moment... when you don't own a rolling pin so you use a

        beer bottle!!!!

Drake & Josh

Drake : come on climb up on my shoulders

Josh : thats hazerdous!!!!

Drake and Josh
"Josh came into my room and is making noises
with cans"-Drake
Format credit: Sandrasaurus

I'd like to belive that i'll wake up one morning and not miss him anymore.
I'll finally undersatnd that when he
broke my heart it was for a reason,
one that i just don't undersatnd yet,
but when i do i'll know that
he messed up and not me.

For Sale:
     one heart.
       horrible condition.
       will take anything for it.

just cut it out of my chest and end this suffering.

Going into a store and finding a toy 
                         and accidently break something and run away
pretending you didn't do it

Ok you wanna know what i don't get
When my friends come over and are like hey do you have a bathroom
its like no we sh*t outside.

Confession 1

only reason i hate getting
showers because i hate seeing myself


                                                        (White Liar)
                          (Miranda Lambert)
Hey White Liar the truth comes out a little at a time.
   And it spreads just like a fire slips off of your tongue like turpentine.
   And i don't know why White Liar