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PerfectTwo's Favorite Quotes

"People say I look very equestrian"

-Jerry Trainer

There should be a

What not to wear

for kids


My crazy friends #1

Having a makeshift sacrifice of your best friend's brother to the fake cheese god by tying him up and putting red and orange clothes around him to replicate fire.

(Should I make a series?)


My Crazy Friends #3

Getting zipped up in a sleeping bag, shoved in a closet, and being labeled an "Infinite Worm".

A best friend is the one person who knows that your crazy but loves you anyways:)

Settle down, it'll all be clear
Don't pay no mind to the demons
The trouble it might drag you down
 If   you   get   lost,   you can always be found.


Sometimes I just wish I could save you.

I have really bad luck. Unless it comes to those chain letters saying a girl's going to kill me in the middle of the night because I didn't forward it.
I always survive.


Eventually the feelings begin to fade.
Long nights turn  into quick visits.
Passionate kisses  turn  into  pecks  on the cheek.
Begging to stay turns into  wide  open  doors.
Deep  conversations  turn  into  awkward  silences.
Spontaneous adventures turn into predictable nights.
Phone calls stop.  Whispered secrets aren't told.

Love that seems like it will last forever, ends

This quote does not exist.