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Sup man. So basically, I'm just Liz. Hai. 

Quotes by PewPewNEKO

What kind of man lays a hand on the woman
he loves?

Calls her angel
But shows no remorse 
for her blood

He covers her body in bruises and scares

You don't know how beautiful you really are.

Those shades of blue hides the smile that beats in your chest.

AWhen he's done with her beating 
he just stands aside
wipes the sweat from his brow
and yells over her cries

"You don't know what I'v been through!"
He yells and say
"You don't know what I'v done for you"
And he hits her again.

She stands in the mirror
She looks less alive
She lifts up her shirt to see she as five..
branded fingers on her sides
shes feeling it all now
but she doesn't cry.

You're too beautiful for this.

End domestic abuse. Male and Female.
So during this school year, I had a crush on this guy...
We talk all the time, and he was really chill. We got along great, he was an athlete, really cute, nice, funny, etc. Well one day we were talking about going on a date. We planned this for weeks, and I was really excited until the day before we were suppose to go out. I said "So meet you at six?" and he said that before any of this happened he needed to tell me a secret. He pulled out a deck of Yu-gi-oh cards and one of those arm things and said that he played competitively. Like he has trophies. When I said that I was ok with it and that I played Magic: The Gathering he literally threw a card at my face to make sure I wasn't a demon and said "I CONDEM YOU TO THE SHADOW REALM."
To make sure I





The Shadow Realm.


This is sort of a long story...But I feel it must be told.
This is my bullying story.
I know, I know, you all read them and then either shake your head or whatever, but I don't know..maybe I can relate to someone. Alrighty, let's get started. So I'v always been awkward. I'v always been this eccentric, artistic, kind of out there person. It's just who I am. I embrace it. Wooo awkwardness.... Anyturtles, my bullying story starts in second grade. Whenever I was little, I went through a tough time of awkwardness because my mum and I were in a really bad situation with an awful man who was NOT AT ALL a father. But, my mummy ended up divorcing this man, finding another one online who just so happened to be a military soldier. Grand. So I moved with my mum and my new legally adoptive father overseas to Europe. Yep. I lived in Europe for most of my smaller developing years. So anyway. I was in Germany, went to a german school, was in kindergarden taking a language course as well. My school didn't have yearbooks, and no one really liked to make friends because kids didn't stick around long enough to have a yearbook because everyone's parents were basically military personal. Anywhoo moving on. Point being I lived in a foreign country, and then moved back to my idiotic, small-town, hickville county in southwestern Pennsylvania. If you know anything about southwestern Pennsylvania, you know that hillbillys, incest, and "deer huntin" originated all from here. I hated moving. I was enrolled in the same school my mum was when she lived here. It. Was. The. WORST. I was a new kid who had developed this extremely European accent. It was a healthy blend between American Hick, British, and German. I talk wonderfully as you can imagine. So I was the new kid, and because I was foreign, I was the target of bullying. I knew no one. NO ONE. So I tried making friends, however, my town is extremely small minded hillbillies. Not even kidding. They hated me. I was ridiculed, pushed down this steep hill, bashed into a water fountain, excluded, and so on. In 3rd grade I had 3 friends. I had to be nice to everyone, but I had 3 friends. 3. Yep. So then in the middle of 3rd grade year, I got the news. We had to move again. Yep. But this time it was in country and it was smack dab in the middle of Texas. Grand. It was on a military base though, so much like the German one, everyone was basically going through the same thing. Well because of being this awkward, eccentric, intelligent child I was given a test to see what classes I needed and I excelled so much that they put me in the T.A.G (talented and gifted) program. It's basically for the weird, nerdy, smart kids. Whew. I was picked on there too. I was excluded from groups, marbles were thrown, I was pushed off my bike, some kid literally mugged me as I was walking home and stole my coat from me. I couldn't make this up if I tried. The only person who was truley my best friend was this quirky, awkward kid named Andrew. Andrew was this really really tall kid who was also picked on as bad, maybe even worse than I was. He was intelligent, like he could literally write college level essays, hack and repair computers, etc. He was also into really nerdy things (like I was). We bonded over anything. You know those little cute stories of kids in little kid love, that was us. He literally would protect me from the bullies. I think the top 4 memories I have from him was when we were in lunch and some kid was throwing rocks at me, and Andrew stood infront of me and protected me from the rocks. Then we had to write career papers, and I wrote mine all on being an Veterinarian...he wrote his on being with me, and supporting me and being my best friend in whatever I do. The next memory was when we went on a field trip, and he shoved an acorn up his nose to make me laugh, but then he sneezed and one shot out of his nose. xD It was gross to see this long slime of snot but it is still the funniest thing ever. And the last memory I have is when we all knew we were leaving, so it was show and tell. I forget what I brought, but Andrew brought these crystal rocks with actual crystal from his Dad...and he gave one to me. I still have it, it's on my desk as I type this. That was truley the best friend I ever had, and ever WILL have. After 4th grade, I moved back to Hickville and stayed here permanently. This is when things escalated. My extended family (Grandmas and Grandpas and aunts and etc.) all have different personality disroders (narcisim, controlling, etc.) and they always guilted me into eating. Well I ate, and ate, and ate. I became fat. I had a pot belly. Then I cut my hair short, worst. decision. ever. I was ridiculed for being fat, and speaking in proper English because I had just came back from "smart kid class." I had girls pertend to be my friend, and my best friend make fun of everything I did. It was horrible. 6th grade I started my goth/emo/scene fase. I dyed my hair (I still dye it), I listened to 'screamo' (I still kinda do), I wore bondage (it's all gone), fishnets (I only wear them as leggings now), black lipstick (never), and so on. Plus, I was fat. I was also in swimming. A fat 'goth' kid in a bathing suit. Whew. So I started getting called the goth kid, emo, scene, and told to go cut myself, go cry, write poetry, listen to my death metal, etc. I got my locker raided, I got pushed down the steps, and the school wouldn't do anything about it. 7th grade year was the worst year for my bullying. I was still going through my fase, but I was more miserable. I had a controlling online boyfriend that I stupidly got into, and I was being bullied. Bad. My best friend told everoyne I was a lesbian, and I tried to do it with her. Then, Everyday on the bus, Every. Day. I would get punched in the head, told to go cut myself, pushed into the middle of the aisles, had my skirt tore off, etc. The worst was when I got on the bus, waiting for my usual beatings, but they only attacked me with words. Psychological pain hurts more than any physical pain can. I was at the lowest point in my bullying. I couldn't get up from being miserable. I was made out to be worthless, and I knew I was ugly. I still don't believe I'm pretty, but whatever. As I'm at this low point in my life, this girl who was picking on me the worst out of them all, told me to kill myself   because no one wanted me here anymore. The worst part was, I believed her. I knew no one would miss me. I was miserable. So I contimplated it, but I was lucky enough to grow enough balls to tell my mum "I'm not happy, and I can't figure out why." So I went to the counselers, and then everything turned out better. I took karate lessons, and now I'm the international karate champion. My self-esteem can never be broken again. (I'm ugly and I'm proud c:   ) and I know better now. I broke it off with the psycho online boyfriend, stood up to the bullies, and now everyone is afraid of me because I can kick some serious a**. I'm currently ranked 6th best in the world for 10-18 girls internaitonal karate fighting in fighting, and I'm a straight A student again. I'm getting awards, and scholarships. Everything turns out better. I know you hate hearing this but, it gets better. There are so many other bullying stories, but I only wanted to give you the basic run-down. Just remember, if you ever need ANYONE to talk to, then you can happily talk to me. I'll always listen.

Thank you so much for reading. 

If you walked into a room and the floor was super slippery
and people had knives strapped to there feet
and they were jumping around
you'd be like :O this enviroment is not for me!

...but yet skating is a thing.
I just found out I own like 6 umbrellas...
so if anyone wants to...i dunno...
stage a musical dance number...
hit me up. 
When I first find a band: How will I ever remember all of their names?

Me two months later: Do you want the list of every band member's grandmother's favorite fruit in chronological or alphabetical?

Stufteenagers say..
  When someone tells a story and people put themselves in that situation.

example: "Aww man, I remember when this dude came up to me. He says (insert quote)
 ''Aww that sucks. I woulda punched him in the face!"


BravoSierra's format


feelikif i wertever havkids...
I'd wind up standing on the couch with a chair, poking it at them yelling

         I neeadvice       
                                                        Alright, so here we go. A few months ago, there was this girl in my foreign cultures class who always gave me compliments. She would say "Aw, I like your hair!" or "Aww, you look so pretty today." or...etc. Well, that's all great and I was nice and gave her a compliment back. Then she started to hang around me more and more. She would come over to my lunch table and talk about stuff with me and then she would leave and walk around. AND THAT'S ALL GREAT. Until she came over one day and asked if me and my guy best friend (AKA my crush for 2 years) were dating. We both said no because that's the truth, and ever since then she's been flirting with him. Non-stop. I mean, he can have girls that are friends, that's not the issue, but there is a fine line between flirting and being friends. And she's crossed that line. But the bad part is,  She knows  that I like him, but she is still flirting with him, calling him sexy, etc. Also, I haven't told him that I like him, so I have to ask this too, how can I tell him? Thanks for reading :3