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hey i'm samantha, i'm 13,
i dance and i play softball & basketball.
i'm in love with one direction, justin bieber,
cher lloyd, ed sheeran, little mix,
and some crazy youtubers :P
feel free to talk to me,
i'll respond as soon as i can(:

♥i love my followers♥




Quotes by sammy*

(sorry it's long, but please read)Goodbye  Witty.

Hi wittians. I don't know if any of you actually care but if you do,

I didn't want to leave you confused and wondering.

So, I'm leaving witty.

No, it's not because I don't like it or it's not good enough.

Trust me, I love this place.

I wanted to tell you guys how thankful I am of every single one of you.

This whole experience wouldn't of been the same without you guys.

I hate saying goodbyes, so I'm sorry if I'm not very good at it.

I need all of you to know that you changed my life,

and i'm so grateful I got to meet such amazing and inspiring people on here.

I'm sorry i'm leaving, i'll miss witty.

Thank you to steve for this whole website,

i wouldn't of even had this journey without you, steve.

To all of my friends, you all changed my life.

You guys inspirie me everyday and it wouldn't of ben the same if we haven't met.

I don't know what I would have done without you guys.

To all of the people on this site,

thank you so much for doing what you do.

Some of the quotes on here have made me cry, laugh, smile, etc.

I loved reading them.

To all of the people on here who have stayed strong through difficult times,

thank you for not giving up.

You inspirie me so much.

To all of the people on here who are going through hard times at the moment,

never lose hope.

Everything gets better, i promise you.

To all of the people who have died from cancer, illness or tragic accident,


And of course,

to all of my beautiful followers,

i can't tell you how much you guys mean to me.

I've almost reached 1,000 followers and thats more than i would ever ask for.

You guys are amazing.

It means so much when I get comments from people saying how much

they love my quotes and how much i inpire them.

The fact that I can just make quotes

and get more than 500 likes on them shows me how much you guys really care.

I hope i've changed some lives,

have made people laugh,

or even make someone smile.

I'm sorry I'm leaving but I promise I'll check in.

I love you guys so much

and i can't thank you enough for everything♥

Goodbye Witty & Thank You♥



Okay, wittians.
 I'm sorry I haven't been on much lately :/

I've been really busy. I'm going on vacation with my family

,and I leave tomorrow. I won't be back for about a week.

I won't be on witty during this week, I'm sorry to say.

But I will be back and I will add as many quotes as I can.

Hopefully you guys aren't mad at me?

 Love you all and see you next week(:

f o r m a t j i m m y 3 6 5 / quote from tumblr


                          & MAYBE I NEED YOU MORE THAN YOU NEED ME.  ----

        I need you a lomore, actually.


who cares if school doesn't teach us how to raise a family or

get a job, at least i can find the area of a triangle



Format chickittylover

 »»»»» In real life boys don't come running back to you,
in the middle of the night sneaking through the window.
they just leave and never say 
 another  worD   tyou again.




From a stranger to someone I can't stop thinking about. 



is it data or data

is it route or route

is it caramel or caramel

is it either or either

is it tear or tear

the world may never know. 


sticks and stones may break my bones which is why

i play it safe and stay inside on my computer




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