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Love Story:

They are both walking in the hallway.
She sees him.
He sees her.
They both smile, not taking there eyes off eachother.
Not paying attention, she trips and falls in the school hallway and all of her books and notebooks fall all over the place.
He rushes over to help her.
As hes handing her the last book she dropped, their eyes meet. 
Instantly, its A Love Story♥

 This is for your best friend!
  Read it to them and make them feel specail! :)

                 You will always be my best friend
foreve_. But no R, becuase that would be the end of forever. Keep reading this!-You mean the world to me. And you are always there. So I want you to hear this, so I can make you feel special. I will NEVER  let you down. Through your life. Through your difficulties, through everything. I promise there won't be any moment in your life when I won't be there. You will always be in my heart foreve_. :) 

                                                   I love you Best Friend!   
                                                         ( I dedicate this to my best friend for life, Morgan<33333)
Why can you tuna piano, but you can't tuna fish??? hahahahahaha

                                if you have an answer, put it on my comments!!! :)
Does anyone ever wonder why New Jersey is colored YELLOW on the map?? My 4th grade teacher told me its because every time they answer there phones, they say: "Yellow??" hahahahahaha funny funny funny:)
Does anyone else think Sterling Knight from the Disney Channel Show: SO Random is hot? Or is it just me?? lol
omg....people please read this!! Go on youtube and look up: "The Man in the Red Bandanna" please!! Its about 9/11. U must see it and u must always remember this guy. I dont even care if you dont fav this just please go see it and you may add a comment telling me if it touched ur heart or not!! please people this is serious. I cried. No lie
I hate it when I'm at weddings and all the old ladys and grandmas poke me and say: "Your Next." They stopped doing that when I started doing it to them at funerals! 

Wanna hear something funny?  Yea you do. I like CHEESEE!! (actually I don't but I just like saying it) 

                                                   Teehee :)
Who else's Favorite color is GREEN?!?! Favorite this if you like green!!! :)