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Quotes by Phishy


Two friends seperated
One in New York
One in Maryland

This is our story




Like Snapchat, but only of my cats


People are so hilariously ignorant...
It just makes me want to hug them, and calm them down
so they don't hurt themselves 

Moral of the story:
fight for what you beleive in
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Just a friendly reminder
that we're all human


*Logs onto Witty*


" I made it to the "Top of Today" posts!

I'd like to thank my parents for supplying the WiFi,
my followers for sticking with me even through the bad quotes,
and I'd like to thank Steve for making this all possible.

I love you guys. I love you all.

Stay Golden

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Okay so I'm in the library
and I plugged in my headphones
to listen to some study music,
but I didn't plug it in all the way
so some music was playing out loud.
Everyone could hear it.
I didn't realize this
till the librarian came over
and notified me15 minutes later.

"You didn't realize your music was playing aloud?", she asked?
"No," I said. "Nobody told me, and I didn't hear it".
"I didn't mind. You have good taste in music," the girl next to me said.
A couple other people around me nodded.
"Well, you still have to shut it off," the librarian said.

 I've never been so embarrassed
and flattered at the same time

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Are you ready for this?

....Mean Girls came out 9 years ago....

If you like Doctor Who...
Check out my fan page?
Love you Whovians!


If you like Doctor Who...

Check out my fan page?

Love you Whovians!

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