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Hi. My namis Millie.
who wants to click on this funky link for my youtube about witty? YOU DO? YAY.
I had this account years ago, but i'm all grown up now.
This place got me through so much, and I will forever be indebted you all of my wonderful friends on here.
I hadn't actually been online for three years before posting this, so it's been a while.
If any of my long lost beautiful friends decide to come online and check on my existence then message me on twitter @looking4millie OR Find me on tumblr at,  the chances of me signing on here again are pretty slim. try twitter first - i'm bad at staying on social media but at least that sends me a notification. 
Peace to everyone reading this. My heart aches for all my lost friends.
Love, the hopeless romantic, Millie.

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PhDinlove 9 years ago
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well then i guess we can always talk on facebook
neonbubbles 1 decade ago
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VictoriaRose88 1 decade ago
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Did you leave me?:'/
[deleted] 1 decade ago
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PhoebeLikeRawr at 2:06pm November 28, 2011 report
i think it's a really sweet idea to do that list.
If you get haters, maybe just ignore them and don't comment back?
it doesn't give them the satistfation.
it doesn't matter what other people think.
witty is for you.
but personally? i think your quotes are cute.