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Hi. My namis Millie.
who wants to click on this funky link for my youtube about witty? YOU DO? YAY.
I had this account years ago, but i'm all grown up now.
This place got me through so much, and I will forever be indebted you all of my wonderful friends on here.
I hadn't actually been online for three years before posting this, so it's been a while.
If any of my long lost beautiful friends decide to come online and check on my existence then message me on twitter @looking4millie OR Find me on tumblr at,  the chances of me signing on here again are pretty slim. try twitter first - i'm bad at staying on social media but at least that sends me a notification. 
Peace to everyone reading this. My heart aches for all my lost friends.
Love, the hopeless romantic, Millie.

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