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Hi guys my name's Rachel
and i love witty just like every other girl! :D

Music is my life and i play the guitar :)
Music is a
passion for me,
It helps me through the good times and the bad and
I can
trust that it will always be there
I want more than anything
to be a music producer when I'm older
I do not go a day without playing my
guitar :)

I loveee to take pictures i don't leave the house without my
I take stupid pictures yet I'm also very into photographyy I love it
my second choice would be to be a photographer although
I'd love to just do
both! :P
soccer always has been and always will be my favorite sportt I play on a club team called Infinity
and for my high school
Do i belive in


yes because I Honestly have been in love before

What Happened? I'm stil not really sure myself
I love running in the rain and a dream of mine is to be kissed in the rain
I love the rain so much
I try to live life with no
If you want to know my secrets read
my quotes, they tell things that I can't always
outloud, if everyone I know found this,
then I wouldn't have anything left to hide
if any of you
ever need to talk,
just comment on my profile!
always here for all of you! :)

Love is a crazy thing,
I do
belive in it and admit it we all look for it,
we all want it and honestly so do I,
I have been
lucky enough to  have had some
great relationships even if they didn't end well,
I belive
everything happens for a reason,
and everything that happens to me
will only make me
stronger in the end

(having some trouble gettin my pictures on here)
If you like the pictures here or just wanna see what I can do
click ----> 
P.S. I might need to update it a bit...My computers been a little werid latelyy!

See all these people in these crazy pictures?
They're my best friends and my family,
I love them all and could not live without them
They are my

I Love all you Witty Girls! <3 

























Quotes by PhotoFreak8

If you pay attention to a girl's favorite song,
the lyrics are the words she's too scared to say

Christmas break
ice skating
watching movies with hot chocolate
kissing under the tree
light show at the zoo
walking through the park decorated with lights
snow ball fights
youand me couldn't be more perfect

Every long lost dream led me to where you are,
others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars,
pointing me on my way, into your loving arms

I don't want a fairytale ending with you,
I want to be there to help you face your fears
and to help you overcome your failures.
I want to give you the kind of love that's
not distorted or fabricated, but real,
raw and honest. you're not perfect,
and neither am I. But, when we're
together, I can believe that things
will always fall into place


If someone really loves you,
they won't leave,
no matter what the situation is

This much I know is true,
that God blessed the broken road,
that led me straight to you

It's not about who you've been with,
it's about who you end up with,
sometimes the heart doesn't know
what it wants, until it finds
what it wants 

Last night I was mathing each star
with a reason I love you I was doing so well
until I ran out of stars

-My boyfriend :)

I have a new boy this is true,
I still can't believe I'm over you

It took some time for me to see,
that maybe your not the best for me ♥