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Quotes by PiNkToMaKeEvAnWiNk

Pink X ParaDiSe* <3
everybody thinksz they got me all figured out
buht the truth isz yuu dont kno the first thing im about
life is FuLl of yEars that mean nOthing
`-- anD mOmentS that mEan * iT alL
so wAit for the one boy who will make
just an Ordinary mOment ~ MaGiCaL
LifeSz just bettEr when ..
your in fLiP fLoPz*
i promies you i wont let you go.
i dont want to go another night
without you standing by my side.
take a breath and close your eyes.
hold my hand so we can fly.
i smile at you. only because i know this feels right.
you know how i feel when i lay besides you.
its my time that i want to spend with you
Take these eyes that once could see
Now reflections of a misery
The hapiness I thought would last
Now a becoming just a thing of the past <3
is this notion,
a phase that will pass,
a mixed up emotion,
or is this phase gonna last?
you've had a change of heart,
well i guess thats up to you.
i couldnt change my heart...
even if i wanted to.
your lips upon my lips
temptation I could never resist
your skin upon my skin
would be the sweetest sin
you saved my heart from being broken apart..i love you<3