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Hi guys Im Prianca (pia for short) i'm 15...i blow out the candles on the 7th september... i LOVE one direction... I'm going to Marry Zayn or Niall one day so yea... i love life although i can be a bit of an Emo sometimes... witty bestfriends are Crazedfangirl,since1996 Mattyboi( i love you matty :))   Scarlettgirl8, Zubair Bee, louistomlinsonfacts, onmawaytobelieving and you're all amazing and i love you all!!! Directioner buddies are gtills12 and witty_monn... love you guys sooo much... 
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Quotes by Pia

Me: *Actually find a nice attractive guy with a nice personality *
Life: * I'm going to make him related to your guy friend...
Me -_____________-
I wish you guys weren't related..
Coz then maybe these feelings would be a lot easier to deal with
Am I the only directioner that doesn't like little mix OR Taylor swift?
Ive been cut free for 2 months... I'm about to ruin that because of silly things... my emotions are taking over me again and its not a good thing... someone help me.
I shouldn't have kissed him today... now I have all those feelings back for him... the ones I tried sooo hard to get over
Ok so now apparently its my fault I didn't get music... its my fault I had to hand in my laptop because I had to clear yr 10... all of a sudden everything is my fault... why?
Why do I still care about you when you have forgotten I even exist? Why do I make the effort to talk to you when to you I'm just a random stranger now... why does it hurt soo much?
IM SICK!!!! :( I hate being sick
Ok... my year 10 final exams start today... my grandfather went into hospital this morning...do you really think I'll be able to pay attention in my exam now?
Why does he do this to me?... and why do I still love him?