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Quotes by KatrinaEmily*

all of the love songs were about you



I'm pro for gay rights.
Me and my best friend Aiyana kissed in the parking lot today in front of our crushes and all.
We dont care, why should you?
GirlFacts: --Whenagirl ismean to you afterabreak-up she wants you back but she istoo scaredshe'll get hurt and knows you're gone forever! --Whenyou catch agirl glancing at you,she wants you to look back and smile. --Whenagirl bumps into yourarm, while walking with you she wants you to holdher hand. --Whenshe wants ahug she will just standthere. --Whenubreakagirlsheart she still feels itwhenyou run into each other3years later. --Whenagirl isquiet,millions ofthings are running through her mind. --Whenagirl stops arguing, she isthinkingdeeply --Whenagirl looks at you with eyes full ofquestions, she is wondering how long you will be with her.--Whenagirl answers, "I'm fine," afterapause, she isnot fine at all. --Whenagirl stares at you,she iswondering why you are playing games. --Whenagirl lays her headonyourchest,she iswishingfor you to be hers forever. --Whenagirl says she can'tlive without you,she has made up her mindthatyou are her future. --Whenagirl says, "I miss you," noone inthis world can miss you more thanthat. Guy Facts: --Whenaguy calls you,he wants to be with you. --Whenaguy isquiet,He'slistening to you. --Whenaguy stops arguing, He realizes he's wrong. --Whenaguy says, "I'm fine" afterapause, he means it. --Whenaguy stares at you,he wishes you wouldcare about himand wonders ifyou do. --Whenyourlaying yourheadonaguy's chest,he has the world --Whenaguy calls, texts, comments, messages you everyday,he isinlove. --Whena(good)guy tells you he lovesyou,he means it. --Whenaguy says he can'tlive without you,he's with you till yourdone. --Whenaguy says, "I miss you," he misses you more than you couldhaveevermissedhimor anything else. Repost this in10minutes and yourtruelove will callyou; textyou;kiss you;or just surpriseyou

 Oh my gosh! 
It's 19 days until the end of the w-
shut up.
Everyone says just keep waiting & the right person will come along

I'm pretty sure my 'right person' got hit by a bus or something

the last time I smiled without faking.

its been that long.


It's funny how sometimes all we needed was
a line from a song,
a quote from a book or movie,
to realize how we really feel,
And all we needed was
a smile from a friendly stranger,
a good cup of tea,
a walk in the rain,
an old song,

to briefly put us back together,
before we fall apart all over again.


comment please,
no arguments please.


I don't want to fall asleep
i don't want to fall unless I'm falling for you.

PictureEsquePink remove this and I will hunt you down.

the worst part is
is that this time, when i fall for you..
i know you won't catch me
follow me for more!
should I make a series?