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Quotes by PixieDustx

Never expect anything,
- but always expect the unexpected. -


I will not fall prey to
d e s i r e
to turn girls into
[ emotionally ]
insecure neurotics.

Awkward glances, 
Half Smiles,
Strangers with unforgettable memories. 


I don't understand how people manage to:
• go to school 
• go out with friends
• spend hours doing makeup
• go shopping 24/7
• go to parties
• get drunk
• sleepovers
• eat
• relax
• do homework
• sleep
• spend hours on the internet
• along with eveything else that they manage to do

Whilst I can only manage:

• sleeping
• eating
• going to school
• sleeping
• going on the internet
• hours of homework
• sleeping
• eating

They don't know what it's like to get slated by your own parents, to be hated by your own siblings, to be left out and ignored by your own friends. They don't know what it's like to get put down every day, "You're lazy. You're fat. You're useless. You're going nowhere in life. You're going to be alone." The same comments and snide remarks EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. They get repeated so much that even you begin to believe them. You think that no one is ever going to love you, you'll live a lonely, unhappy life.

Siblings constantly picking fights, using the most hurtful names possible, but your parents just laugh because as they keep reminding you, it's your own fault. You get constantly nagged to spend more time with your family rather than being alone in your room, but when you do, you get insulted by every member and end up back in your room again all alone where you cry and let out all the anger that's been held up inside of you for so long. 

Your friends don't invite you places with them and the only way you ever will is if you're the one who organises that day out. Even then you're the one that has to sit alone, the one that get's left out of all the conversations, the one that always gets spoken over. They're all prettier than you of course, they all have loads of friends, yet you're the one they complain to when they feel alone. You're the one that stays up for hours on end trying to comfort them thinking maybe that after all the effort you put into making them happy would pay off and you'll finally be accepted by them. But of course that doesn't happen. When they're happy they leave you and you're alone once again. That's all you'll ever be is their shoulder to cry on.

Every night when you're in bed, when everyone else is fast asleep you curl up into a ball and cry. The sort of crying where you just need to scream but you cant, so you end up choking whilst you're gasping for air, lying on a damp, tear-stained pillow.

They don't know half the stuff you go through everyday.
They don't know what they put you through everyday.
They don't know you.

one day I'm going to be too lazy to even
breathe and I'm just going to die.


If someone breaks your heart,
Just punch them in the face.
Seriously, just punch them in the face
and go get some ice cream
-Wiz Khalifa
I lost a glove in the snow today,
my socks are no longer the only single ones.


 Love is like a fire,
beautiful but deadly.

Conversation between my maths teacher and a boy in my class

Boy: Sir, I heard you have a 50 inch TV
Teacher: Yeah, I do
Boy: That must be quite big then
Teacher: Yeah it is big, but so's the TV

*the boy and I looked at eachother shocked and turn away laughing*