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well...Im Mara<3
uhh...idk wat else to really say....
so yea...

Quotes by Pixie_dust

if he loved me,
he would tell me.
but he hasn't told me.
so o.b.v.i.o.u.s.l.y
he doesn't...
if love was easy no one
would want it.
like football;;
if there was no challenge
no one would play.

credit to me...
i said this in acctually convo.
its so true.

1. male friend: prolly matthew, stephen, and georgie<3
2. female friend: def lacey, brandi, and andrea<3
3. Vacation: the beach (any time ive been ;D)
4. age: 18
5. memory: i cant say, theres so many : )

1. Time of day: realizing that my dreams have ended.(waking up)
2. Day of the week: monday.
3. Food: bugs.
4. Memory: i'd rather not talk abt it.
5. Subject: stupid m' effin algebra.
1. Person u saw: umm my mama.
2. Talk on the phone with: umm my mama haha.
3. Hugged: chrisha'da :)
4. IM: srry, i txt. i dnt IM
1. Kiss: rather not go there.
2. Car: the invisi-mobile
3. First school: jefferson primary school.
4. Job: Brannon's Seafood. aka hell.

1. What are you doing now: takin the survey and listening to country
2. Tonight: prolly sleeping. groundedd.
3. Wearing: pj's
4. what did you eat for lunch: uh breakfast lol
5: Better than yesterday: idk yet. i havent been up long enough. last night was horrible.

1. Is: monday >.>
2. Got any plans: school.
3. Goal: to not die of an empty heart.
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: school.
5. Do you have work: pft. yea. but im kinda excited abt that :)

1. Number: 2, it takes 2 to be in love :)
Song: umm...i have alott**
3. Color: royal blue
4.Season: SUMMER! i miss summer 09'....the best summer of my life...
5. State: hawaii. its pretty :)

1. Are you in love?: no.
Dating someone: no.
3.Missing someone: ...very much so.
4. Mood: slowly dying.

I'm willing to give you my everything,
to risk my everything.
And all you have to lose is nothing,
and you won't even give me one chance
to make you

Unrequited Love;;
A love that isn't returned by the person loved.

**the story of my whole life.

credit to myself**
take it and make it pretty but
please give me credit.

When he's gone,
The sun doesn't shine.
If he left for good,
It would rain...
you can't fake love;;
i don't understand why guys keep trying
and worse yet;;
i can't understand how girls
keep believeing
and if you could read my mind;;
you would realize how bad i want to
knock out
that pretty little monster
holding your hand =]

if you think breaking up with you is hard,
try loving you.

--make it pretty, im getting lazy lol.
"We need to talk."
four of the most dangerous words when combined.
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