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well...Im Mara<3
uhh...idk wat else to really say....
so yea...

Quotes by Pixie_dust

you know what your best lie was yet?
i love you
who ever said this was going to be
quick and easy
like jerking off a bandaid

All the heart break is too much.
has anyone realized this yet?
past generations have killed love

love is dead and gone.

you're my favorite sickness,
                           so bring on the disease.

i used to think love was simple, easy
all you did was {love} and be {loved}
 but now i realize
theres so much
more than that...

i used to think love was blind;;
until i opened my eyes and saw you.
some people wonder
"why is life so hard?"
well honestly, if it was easy,
would you live it?
Don't you hate it when your
whole world starts to
and the rest of the acctual world just keeps
Im hanging up on love
                      Because Im sick of the dial tone.
when you smile,
your eyes twinkle
and they're so bright
they remind me of the stars.
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