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well...Im Mara<3
uhh...idk wat else to really say....
so yea...

Pixie_dust's Favorite Quotes

&+ the one day 

i decide not to straighten my hair...///
he comes up to me and says
"i like you're hair today, it looks good that way."

happened to me yesterday.

i woke up this morning
     and i thought of youu
and it just made my dayy

  Can I be Burgerking && You be McDonalds , I'll have it my way && you'll  be lovin' it

Hello, i'm a towel.

& yesi've seen you



If you ever get mauled by bears...

I hope they stay away from your face...
Cause I think you're cute :]

Had a shirt that said this... love it:]

This quote does not exist.
               && When you look at me in the eyes i amm inn my
                                                      own little world (:

This quote does not exist.
and they barely talked...
 they had small conversation here and there. but it was basically all smiles.
no, they didn't text ( not yet ). it was like whenever they lay eyes on each other.
they felt some sort of connection. ( she did at least )   and it's weird cause for
some strange reason she can picture a future with him. she doesn't know when
but she's gonna make it happen <3