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I am Zac. I am dating Tiff! she is sosososo amazing! i love sports mostly baseball! i dont get along too well with my sister but...idc haha! i love moll too because shes my best friend foeverrrrr<333 

And uhh yeah ,peace out! (:


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i love you, i was a beeotch, & we both are, thats what keeps us friends right?
i m sorry for cutting, i knew it was wrong and i still went and did it, im stupid, i know. but you, you kept me alive for so long, without you, i would be dead for real. i will never forget you. you keep me going ilove you bye. oh

P.S if i didnt say it enough

I love you & im sorry 






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country girl meets city boy

"I'm not going" i screamed as i ran outside. "then where are you gonna stay huh?" mom yelled back. "with Max! he said it was fine! staying with him is better than breaking up with him while i move to new York with dad!" i yelled as tears came rushing down my face, ruining the makeup. i ran all the way to the back of the field, and behind the broken truck James used to ride , and just cried. Of course sitting right by something my brother would ride everyday with Sydney his girl friend..that sucks. i miss him. he died last summer from cancer. i love him so much and always will. moving all the way to new York when you lived in Texas your whole life and having to leave your boyfriend behind now that's another reason to cry. i haven't seen my dad in 12 years. i move there tomorrow, June 1st. my birthday is June 13th so umm lets just say this wont be the sweetest sixteen. "ELIZABETH ANN HOPE GET INSIDE AND FINISH PACKING!" mom yelled. i didn't want to pack. i wanted to be with Max. i love him so much. I've known him since the second grade and we have been friends ever since. i had always had a huge crush on him. he's perfect. that smile, and those baby blue eyes, his tan skin, blond hair. perfect. As i went back inside i grabbed my phone and called Sydney. she was Jimmy's girlfriend and me and her are almost like sisters. i told her i loved her and would call or text her all the time. "can Max come over" i asked after i fixed my makeup. "for an hour or so. he can help you finish packing. i know tomorrow is a hard day for you and I'm really sorry. i love you Liz but i cant have you stay here alone. keep me updated everyday on everything." i smiled for a second. she cared and i knew it from the start but sometimes it seems as she doesn't. "thanks. i love you too." as i ran up to my room i noticed i still had to ask if Max wanted to come over. after i called him i had to make sure i had almost everything packed so i didn't have to pack with him. we could just talk. "Liz, Max is here" mom called. "K I'll be right down" i said as i set my computer down and turned off my music.

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country girl meets city boy
chapter two

 I got down the steps and see max. oh my gosh. he is so amazing. he is so nice and has been ever since we met. i loved him since the first day of second grade. he asked if i knew my way around because it was his first year at this school. of course i knew my way i was forced to come here all the time to pick up James. Just the memories of it makes me smile. Anyways ever since that day when i first saw his baby blue eyes, pink lips, blond hair, and tan skin. . . its just so perfect. he. . . is so perfect. i move tomorrow so tonight we are just gonna watch our movie and I'm falling asleep in his arms. i love that- waking up in the morning and him just. . . being there with you. "hey max" i say laughing after i jump into his arms. "hi silly goose" he says with a smile. "we got all night so what are we gonna do?" i say. "well we can hang out or we can go out. you pick" those words. . . he says them to me all the time 'you pick' as if i have the key to the world. . . his world. "you wanna go out to get ice cream? then we can go to the park and hang out there. just us. . . alone at last?" its all i wanted from 6:00 this morning. "anything for you baby cakes." and of course him saying that makes me feel like i could be in heaven. "mommm!! we're gonna go out to get ice cream and hang out at the park. is that. . . okay. . ?" i always ask because well. . . thats a different story. "sure sweetheart be back by 12 we have a big day tomorrow" shes yelling from the living room and i don't know why but shes happy. watching some silly movie about love again i bet. we walk out the door with max's arm around me like he'll never let go. i hate that moment when he does. the ice cream shop is only a few blocks away from my house and the park about one mile from there. we get there and he gets my favorite ice cream. thats what i love about us because i would have gotten that Anyways and he knows it. he'll get the cherry banana in a bowl because he hates the cones and soon enough "and can i have a cherry banana in a bowl please?" as we wait for our ice cream i turn around to look at the pictures of little kids in the summer and going through the whole year, he kisses me on the check and says "ice creams done" i just laugh at him because as soon as i see him he dipped his nose in mine. we sit outside on the curb and just talk about how we are call each other once a day. i told him i promise to come down to visit anytime i can. we start to walk to the part around 10 and i know we have so much time to do whatever until we go home. i tell him about my whole day and how i broke down in tears earlier. then we were talking about our plans for 11th grade and how I'm getting away from those teachers. then we start talking about how for my birthday he has a surprise for me and now we're walking off. i don't really know where to but the way there we almost don't say a word because at first when i asked him he just said "shh no questions just steps"we somehow end up at the school playground. the school we first met at in second grade. i start to wonder what the heck he is doing now.

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country girl meets city boy
chapter three

I look up at him and just say "max. . . what the heck are we doing back here?" i say it with a tone as if i want to be here but don't know why. "these swings. remember them?" he asks as if we were there yesterday. "yeah. this is where you asked out Kate in third grade" i say as if still totally jealous. "chill. thats not all that happened here" i start thinking then smile. "the first day we met.,this is where we finally stopped our tour of the playground and you pushed me on the 5th swing" I'm laughing too. "duh!! Geez you were as light as a feather!" well yeah max we were in second grade! i turn around and look at him. "what?" he asks. "nothing. I'm just trying to remember everything else that year. . .  those years" i say trying not to pause but still do. i look back at the swings and start to walk over to one. then i sit down on the 5th one and max pushes me on it again. i felt like i was impossible to break. . .  like nothing could happen. "lets look up at the stars like we did in the summer going into 6th grade at the summer bash?" he asks like he knew i wanted to. i did. "ive been waiting for you to ask" i say lightly. we look up at them and just stay there with his hand in mine. then my phone buzzes. *one new message-Sydney: are you with max? i wish we could hang! you leave tomorrow at 11 right?" i look over at it and max asks who it is. "Sydney wondering if I'm with you and what time i leave. she wants to hang out" i say as if I'm dying the next day. i kind of am. "when we get back to your house have her sleep over too. please i want you to be happy." he says as if i had no choice. "i am happy. with you" i say looking into his eyes. "have her come over" he says. "okay I'll tell her right now" we stop talking then and look at the stars. its a perfect night. "hey its 10:30 lets go back?" he asks. "i don't want to go" i say. "common baby cakes. I'll give you a piggyback ride?" he asks as he smiles. "you got me" i say with the biggest smile. we walk back hand in hand and get to the door. i call Sydney and she says she'll be over soon. Max hold me to tightly as we make popcorn but even tighter when we watch the notebook. at the part where Allie and Noah are kissing like crazy because of there strong love for each other Max's mouth almost touches my ear. thats how close he was when he says "thats you and me" then he kisses my check and i hug him. never wanting to let go. i fall asleep once the movies over, in his arms as i wanted. i have a dream that night that me and him are 85 years old and married. happy as ever. then i wake up. i get out of max's arms and get ready for the worst day ever. i don't want it to even start. . .cause i know it wont end.

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country girl meets city boy
chapter four

I'm up in my room when i hear someone say "it will be alright Liz" i see Sydney. shes about to cry. no. she is crying. as tears come rushing down our faces Max walks in. "common don't get me crying too! i love both of you. don't cry. its gonna be alright" he says as tear start on his face too. "i don't want to go! i don't want to move to new York! who knows whats in that city compared to a small Texas town!" i really don't want to go at all. Max sees it in my eyes and says "how bout we walk out to our place huh? all three of us?" he says looking at me and Sydney. Syd looks at me. "i gotta go. momma said i cant stay long" shes choking up. "you have been my sister for the past 10 years syd. and i love you. and i have loved you those 10 years. i always will." I'm crying. all three of us are. I look over out my window. i see the barn. i forgot! the one thing i didn't pack yet! my notes and lyrics and stories! my pictures too! "oh my! i forgot! I'll be right back!" i run down the twelve steps and out the red door outside into the barn. i clime up the latter and grab my green bag under the hay. i out it around my arms and get out of there before mom comes. i hate her seeing me up there. i don't even want to see her. its not that I'm mad at her because well. . . none of it is her fault. I just don't want to make her cry. i go back inside and find Sydney and Max still in my room looking at old pictures of us. erk all these pictures of us make us keep crying but its 10:30 now so we better hurry up and say out goodbyes . i don't want to say goodbye. i don't. but once Sydney walks home i just think that the next time i see her in person will be on new years. its June !st. the day i leave this small town to live in the big city. yay. e and max go to the river and then up the street to his house. "i love you silly goose" i say when we get almost to his house. "i don't want to say goodbye" that just kinda follows its way out too. "then don't say goodbye. say that you'll video me as soon as you can and you'll call me too." he says knowing i would have done so already. "i will video and call you as soon as i can. pinky swear" i say as knowing I'll always love him one way or another. we get to his door. we go inside for a little and then i have to go. "we're gonad miss you" says Max's mom, Gina Bender. i smile and drop another tear knowing theres more to come. "I'm gonna miss you guys too. I'll see you all on new years. its only a few months away" i say as if its tomorrow. "Lizzy i don't want you to go" says max's little sister June, named after my birthday month. "i don't want to go either. i want to stay here with you guys forever" i know its impossible. i say i have to go now and hug max. his mom, and June. i walk home and go right up to my room. making sure i have everything i just remember something. James. I go down to the door and get stopped by mom asking if i can get everything in the car. i go back to my room and get my bags and shove them into the car. then i run. no i sprint. anything to get to the truck James rode in all the time. i go into it and find it. the picture of me and him at the river over the summer on my birthday 10 years ago  when i was about 6.  i look at it. how happy we were. I'm betting the family. . . well my mom and James and i were all happy. i grab the picture then return to the house. moms waiting so i get into the car. listen to music for the whole ride down to the airport. this is where i say goodbye to Texas' little town, bishop hills.

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country girl meets city boy
chapter five

 when me and mom are at the airport we say our goodbyes. "I'll see you on new years Lizzy Wizzy" she says smiling as tears come down her face. thats what James always called me "Lizzy Wizzy" i miss that. i answer with pain in my voice "yeah. I'm gonna miss you momma Hope ha i promised to call Max when i can but I'll call you first okay?" "sounds good Liz" she says stopping the tears. "okay well i have to go now" i don't want to go. "i"ll see you soon Elizabeth"we wave goodbye as i get onto the plane. this will be a fun 13 hour plane ride alone. i get out my green bag with all my pictures and journals with lyrics and stories. I'm sitting next to a guy who looks to be 17 or so."hey I'm Andrew" he says with a smile. "Elizabeth. . . but you can call me Liz or Lizzy" i bet i look really bad right now from all the crying in the last 24 hours. "hello Elizabeth where are you headed to?" he says in a British accent laughing. "new York, new York. my ad lives there. i lived in Texas my whole life with my mom but when i was about 4 my dad moved there. so now I'm stuck there leaving my best friend Sydney, mom, my boy friend, and everyone else who means the world to me" i say as if i could say my whole life story in three minutes. "interesting. sounds interesting" Andrew's pink lips speak like birds. beautifully. "it is. you have no idea what i have been through. so what about you Andrew? where you to?" "back to New York City. I'm leaving my mom, dad, and well. . . never mind" he says knowing he doesn't want to talk about it. "you don't have to talk about it. its okay. theres people i cant talk about" i say like I'm in his shoes. "but did your big sister die in a fire that you started? no!" he says almost screaming. "its okay. . . my brother died from a drunk. but its my fault because i was up when he was walking out the door. he told me not to tell so i didn't. i let him leave. now he's gone" no i cant start crying again! those words come from my mouth with so much pain. "oh Liz. I'm so sorry" he says as if now he's in my shoes. "looks like we both messed up. hey things always get better right?" he asks. "i guess so. here wait a sec" i say getting the green bag off the ground. my notebook with my lyrics slips out without my notice. "found it!" i say. "heres a picture of me and my brother a few days before he died" i turn my head to see Andrew looking at my lyrics. "these are amazing Lizzy" he says it like he means it too. "thanks. . . no one knows i write them besides Max, James, Sydney and. . . you" i say pausing. "oh aha its a secret is it?" he asks once again in a British accent. "yeah kinda. hah its just my way of being myself" i say looking into his green eyes. "well you should sing these some time. Like at a bar or something in the city. are you gonna be there for new years?" he asks. "no I'm going back to Texas for new years but then coming back a few days after" i answer. "oh well thats too bad. were you writing or about to before i started talking?" "yeah but just a new chapter. i can do that tonight. . . i just gotta find a place in the city to get away" i say like i will never fit in this world. "i know somewhere. you'll love it" he says with one of the biggest smiles. "okay thanks. but for right now I'm gonna take a nap. so hmm wake me if you need to" i say in the sleepy voice of mine. "will do captain Liz" he says smiling. 

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country girl meets city boy
chapter six

when i wake up i see Andrew looking over my lyrics& stories again. "Hey sleeping hah" he says looking up at me. "erk my hairs a mess, eyes look bad too I'm guessing and you're going through my stuff again." i say it like i don't care because I'm laughing too. "you're hair and eyes don't matter we're have 9 more hours. plus it was already in my hands when you fell asleep and i wanted to look but didn't want to wake you up. so i just went through it little" he says trying to light it up. "if you were someone ive known for over 4 hour. . . well not even cause i was sleeping for like 4 and a half hours. . . if you were someone i had known for over a half hour maybe i wouldn't care" i say. "well now would you want me to find it or your mom?" he says with a grin. "you. but-" he doesn't let me finish because he says "you slept for over 4 hours. . . why are you so tired?" "oh. . . well last night i had Sydney and Max sleep over and we stayed up till about 2 or so. and before that me and Max walked to get ice cream and to the park" i wish i was still in his arms. Max oh Max i miss you so much. "he sounds like he loves you" says Andrew. "well i love him. and thats enough to make me happy" i think of max. his tan skin. blonde hair. baby blue eyes. his voice. i miss him. "well thats good. so Anyways since we have a few more plane rides wanna sit with each other? just so we don't have to sit by some random you know. . . creep" laughing alittle i respond "why ofcourse my dearest Andrew" in a British accent again. "hahh you're too funny. but Anyways can we talk about your stories and lyrics. . . you writing?" he doesn't want to ask but how else would the conversation start? "sure but why do you like them so much?" i really wanna know at this point. " they remind me of. . .  I'm not sure what. but i just love them" i think he does know what but just wont say it. "well that works. hey look we're almost to the next airport. don't leave me?" i kinda like this kid he's nice, funny, but i would never date him. Max. i love Max. "i wound never dream of it my dear" once again with Andrew and the fake British accent. once we get off the plane we just wait for the next one. joy. finally we get onto the next one. this one goes by faster than the first. we're back in another air port soon enough another after that. finally we are in new York. looking for my dad.  all of a sudden there he is. my dad. the man i haven't seen in over 10 years. "oh my god" i whisper. "DAD!" I'm yelling. "LIZZY WIZZY!!" he still remembers!! 'oh I've missed you so much!" he tells me. but who knows. i might not be able to trust him. as Andrew stands there awkwardly i way "one second dad before we leave this is my friend Andrew" "now momma didn't tell me you were bringin friends" he says confused. "no no no!! i met him on the plane and we were both going to new York so we started talking" i say handing over my number to him. "oh!! well son maybe some night you can come over for dinner. where ya headed now?" asks dad. "well. . . see I'm not really sure. my place is by time square but no dinner plans. I'm here alone" he says starting to laugh. i can tell he's thinking about how weird it is we just met and he's already been invited for dinner. "wanna ride?" dad asks. "sure that works" answers Andrew. as soon as we get to the apartment i call mom then Max. then i text Sydney "CODE A" that means boy. CODE B means crying. CODE C means sos! and CODE D? sleepover. girl night. NOW.
she answers "Max?" i just laugh before i say "Andrew" i know she'll be confused. "huh whose he?" shes gonna snap! "i met him on the plane and dad invited him for dinner" i know it. here it comes. "DAMN YOU WH*RE I LOVE !" I'm laughing so hard Andrew says "Sydney or Max?" i just look into his eyes. "Sydney. she said Max just got my favorite ice cream flavor. he hates that kind though so he pushed it in his mouth. DAADDD!! i need the computer so I'll be upstairs for a sec!!" i need to video them! i get online and call Max. he answers in his room now. with another girl with him. my heart breaks into tiny pieces. i swear i just died.

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country girl meets city boy
chapter seven

when i see the other girl i know who it is right away. Sara Hoover. she was never my friend but stealing my boy friend after i move? thats not cool. Max letting her? that isn't so picture perfect either. SYDNEY! i have to tell her! i call her write away but she doesn't answer. i leave her a message saying "CODE C!! Max is with Sara Hoover! SYDNEY! me and Max never broke up he said we were stilling dating. forever until we 100% for some reason think we should end. we just ended!!!!!!!!!!!! i saw him with Sara.. SYDNEY!!!!!!"
Andrew hears me and comes up in my new room. "you okay Liz?" he asks lightly. "Max. . . and Sara. . . together. he never broke up with me. he told me he wasn't going to" i want to cry. "Lizzy it will be okay i promise!" says Andrew. "will it? i need to get away. wanna go for a walk?" i ask. "sure we can go to a few places you'll like" he answers. "HEY DAD WE'RE GOIN FOR A WALK!!" i yell downstairs. "okay be back at 10" he says back. its only 7:30 so we have time to look around the city. "hey Andrew I'm just gonna get a few things away and find my other shoes. i don't wanna walk around in flip flops" its probably not a good idea anyway. "okay so me ready in 20 minutes?" he asks. "yeah" i say with a smile. what if i do like this kid. me and Max are over with and well i still love Max but how can you love someone who cheated on you in under 24 hours after you left to move to a new state? i start getting everything unpacked. i think I'm gonna change too. its about 78 degrees so I'm gonna wear shorts and a hoodie cause it will cool down by the time we get back. i grab Sydney's hoodie. the one she gave me and i gave her mine. no. i think I'm gonna wear my other one that has my last name across the back "HOPE" and on the front it says "i bust mine to kick yours" i laugh a little. i grab my high tops ( )
and go back downstairs. me and Andrew leave and walk around a little then stop at Starbucks. oh Starbucks i haven't had you in over a week. we sit on a bench when of course Andrew sees the sign i saw way before but didn't point out "Hey look Starbucks is having a singing contest with your own music! thats perfect! June 12th what are you doing then?" he asks. "well the 13th is my birthday but the 12th? nothing" i say. "GREAT!!" he's smiling now. "hey lets head back its 9:30: i say. when we get back to my apartment dad says we can take him home but since its not that far i walk him there. when we get to his door he says goodbye and then kisses me. CODE A.

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