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Hello my lovely followers
I won't be on as much anymore 
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Do you see the world as clearly as I do?

Hey my name is D and if you're wondering why my name is D it's because 
I don't want to say my real name.. Anywho I love classic books and any kind
of music. But I especially love the Beatles! I dislike people who stare at me 
too long or chew with their mouth open. Unless they're eating ice cream and
have a sexy face.. I find that quite enticing. I am a Filipino and I support
Gay Rights and Marriage!

 I'm basically a tomboy I guess?

I am about 177 months old 
You do the math.

+ sleeping | eating | music | spontaneous people | nature | longboarding |  painting |
funny moments | internet peeps | getting into mischief | playing video games | playing 
pranks | food | making new friends from any age | old people are cool |  90s kids stuff | 
random acts of kindness | strange personalities |  youtubers | The colour red | Animals |
Unicorns | Lemonade | cool hats | strangers |  Black and White Movies | Dubstep |
Pewdiepie | Cartoons | Anime | Sandwiches | Juice boxes |  Sunny Weather | Rain | 
| Pocky | Animal Crackers | 
| Basically anything that makes me smile |

- promise breakers, snobbery, pretenders, drama, 
and people who think they're not beautiful,
because in reality,
you are.

Face it.
You're jealous of my dinosaur onesie.

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Quotes by Plusle_N_Minun

So I had a Spanish test today and it was about time

So the question goes write 2:00 in Spanish and it would be son las dos en punto
But instead of punto I put punta which meant "female dog" in spanish

So my answer was:

Son las dos en punta

( It's 2 'o "female dog" )


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Me: *clicks*

Witty Quote: cats.



I love how if you don't have a profile picture

It automatically becomes a cat 

^  ^
/   \


"Okay give me 4 laps around the track"

-Says the man who can't even run 1.


I get scared when I think

Would've there's no gold at the end of the rainbow

Would've there's no joy after pain

Would've there's no more nutella left.


So I went to the eye doctor today to get my eyes checked out

(I have very bad vision)

And then this old lady pulls me aside and says:

"You've been living in a blurry world for so long,

you didn't know it was blurry."

And at that moment I didn't know whether to be scared

or make a quote about it.

I understand how some teachers mispronounce names on the first day.

But I seriously don't get how this teacher mispronounces Megan.

It's not even a ghetto name.

"Is Mee-gon here?"

Like dafuq.
Who says that?


Shoutout to all the Wittians out there

Who are starting school tomorrow or

already started..

Good luck to everyone and don't let the negative
things drag you down

If you ever need something
always know wittyprofiles has amazing people :)


Friend: Hey you know Spanish?
Me: Yeah, a little bit I guess?
Friend:Realmente no se me puede entender, ¿verdad?
Friend: Asiente con la cabeza si se puede.
Me: I said a little bit.