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Holy Guacamole... 

Quotes by PonandZi13

Why hello attractive male.
May I stare at you for a minimum of 30 seconds, followed by wiping drool off my bottom lip, and then tripping over myself, making sure to look like as much of an idiot as possible?


 When I wave at planes....
I Often wonder if anyone waves back..
 *Stares at something*
*Person next to you waves their hands in your face.
Like, no.
 Im not short.
im just closer to the ground than you are.
 My great-grandfather died on  my birthday February 3rd 2011.
The last day of his life, on his death bed, he started yelling for my great grandmother, Vera. She came over to him with a tear in her eye. He took her hand and whispered, "I Love You." in her ear. And he later passed away.
They were together for so long, and there love only strengthened over time.

 True love doesn't last a lifetime..

The saying, "Till death to us part", is an absolute lie.
True love lasts

 Brushing your teeth
then spitting into the sink,
and getting
Toothpaste dots
all over your hair.
 I always put on a shirt.
(and then decide to change my bra.)
 Putting on
Lip gloss
before you brush your teeth.
 Remember when you were 7,
and could dress like an idiot,
And still look cute..

Today for p.e.,
we played baseball..
the stupid, slutty girl started bragging and yelling,

"I made it to 4th base!"
my response?

"I don't doubt that..."