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Urban dictionary: Witty profiles..

1. Where self confidence goes to die.

2. A website which would be really good, except for the people. The so-called 'witty profilers' or 'wittians' hate anyone born after 1996, because apparently (according to a 'witty girl') a 90's kid is between 1986-1996.

3. A website, where people WILL judge you unless you're not popular.
If you are, you'll have stupid suck-ups favouriting all of your quotes,
following you and standing up for you. However, you will have a gang of haters who want your top-quote status.

4. A website where, as soon as a boy joins and posts something like 'hi, i am a boy' he gets 599495673 faves.
But a girl could join, post quotes WORTH reading, and get 1 fave. 1.
Omg, she's not popular, let's try and get her off Witty Profiles by leaving mean comments!

5. Omg, you aren't a 90's kid, we all hate you!

6. Omg, you're popular, I LOVE YOU! FOLLOW MEEEE!!!

7. Omg, your'e a boy, I'll act like I'm not desperate but I'll fave+follow until you like me!.



 am i cool yet?

i love you
noʎ ǝʌol ı



my hair needs to be longer.
my skirt needs to be shorter.
my body needs to be hotter.
my image needs to be cooler.
my boobs need to be bigger.
my waist needs to be smaller.
my teeth need to be whiter.
my face needs to be prettier.
my grades need to be higher.
my skin needs to be tanner.
my wallet needs to be fatter.
my tummy needs to be flatter.

Society really knows how to make you feel like crap...



Best Rapper Ever?


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Work Out For Me.


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So i lay my head back down;

& i life my hand and pray to be only yours...♥

From a walk to remember.(:



Started with nothing.
Ended with everything.


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