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Quotes by PopTartKid

This quote is for the girls who aren't a size zero.
The girls who don't get called beautiful everyday.
The girls who listen to music and stay on witty on a Friday night, instead of getting drunk at some party.
The girls who aren't "cool".
The girls who cry most days.
The girls that don't have perfect hair and shiny white teeth.
The girls who don't have a boyfriend to cuddle with.
The girls who've been heartbroken by somebody they never had.
The girls who stay up late every night and regret it every morning.
The girls who are still learning about life.
The girls who make stupid mistakes daily.
The girls who gets picked last in gym class.
The girls who always gets let down by her "friends".
The girls who wouldn't survive without music.
The girls who can never stay mad at her best friend.
The girls who are addicted to witty.
The girls who plan their dream life out in her head.
The girls who have loved someone who left.
The girls that hate periods.
The girls who have never had a top quote.
The girls who can quote every line from her favorite film.

Here's to the real girls.

"I wasn't that drunk..."

"Dude, I found you screaming "WHY DID YOU KILL MUFASSA?" to mmy cat....