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Hey Guys waassupp!?
I am now on tumblr!!!!
I am obssessed with Asking Alexandria and Supernatural and All Time Low and stuff :3 If you wanna know anything about me just comment or something :3 haha
Small things to know about me:
I have a cat called bear :3
I love music
I am gonna marry danny worsnop one day!!!!!
I love my friends
I love (most of) my family
I love Bacon
I love chicken
I love cake
I like drawing
I hate a lot of people
I will answer anything ou want to know if you ask me :L

Quotes by PoppinChampagne

Remember when they
said that what we
want could never be done?
when it all comes crashing down, we'll do what to, said we'll do what we want to...

Sleeping With Sirens -Do What We Want

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How Stubborn Are Those Scars When They Won't Fade Away??
Or Just A Gentle Reminder That Now Are Better Days? 

A Prophecy-Asking Alexandria♥



 Open You
Open Your
 To A 
New World 
To A 
New World 
Run Free - Asking Alexandria♥

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They see me Rolling.....


Type your name: Clarice
Type your name with your elbow:clarioe
Type your name with your eyes closed:clarice
Type your name with your nose: coarice
Bash your head into the keyboard:  vb
Now repost this with your name :]
Ladies Please:
put your boobs back in your shirt
put your a$$ back in your shorts
put the fake tan back in the can
and put the real back in your eyes.

we all know your not happy.
we all know that you dont like being like that
we all know its an act

guys dont own you, show them your true self
you are beautiful. show everyone that!
not with all the makeup, not with all the skin
show them you love yourself and that you deserve respect.

stay beautiful
stay classy<3
add your name and pass it on:)
- lostinthemusic<3
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Hey Guys, Go on youtube and watch mine and my friends new youtube channel, we only have one video up atm but we are trying... my laptop broke >.< and i edit the videos haha... so if you go on youtube and type in 3 diry minxes it should come up with it :D

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I think I have broken my wrist..... it is swollen and there is a bump where there shouldnt be...
Is it broken??????
Im home alone and idk what to do!!!!!
Okay guys!!!!! Listen up
I have this friend, she is bi,
but she wont tell her parents or boyfriend, i have tried telling her friends and family are called that for a reason and they should except her for what she is, otherwise screw them, but she is still scared, can i get some support from her witty sisters?????????????????

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You drank the poison and I, I let you in

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