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Drain The Ocean
I'm Mariah, I'm 16, and i love woe, is me. 
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Remember when you were the boat and i was your sea?


Quotes by Potatoechipdip

What have I become?

a drop ithe ocean 
            a change in the weather,

i was praying that you & i might end up


someone spray painted "yo mom is white" on the side of my house. lol.

I swear you do things to make me cry on purpose
You sign on "i have the best girlfriend ever <3"
Then log off.

I'm in tears. thanks alot.

although there's pain in my chest,
i still wish you the best.
It really sucks,
When you're in love with someone, but they've already moved on into a new relationship so fast. You feel like everything they ever said was a lie. Like, did you really even love me? or was that a lie to?

Just kill me already,

it's gotta be better then the pain you're causing.


talk to me. c: please.