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Hi, I'm Yona. 
Obviously obsessed with Charmed!
Other things I like: Harry Potter, Team StarKid,
Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Glee, Merlin, and Firefly. 
If you want to know more about me, just ask. 
Blessed be, Wittians!

Quotes by PowerOfThree

CharmeQuote #255
Phoebe: If that is some kind of Whitelighter humor,
let me be the first to tell you that
you are not a very funny race of people. 

CharmeQuote #254
Phoebe: What did you buy?
Piper: Doodie. 
Prue: We weren't out of that . . . 

CharmeQuote #252
Prue: It's time to go shower, shampoo, and kiss a hottie! 

CharmeQuote #251
Prue: Either we rely on our vicious guard cat to protect us, 
or we could
remember to lock the doors!

CharmeQuote #250
Phoebe: Give me a sec while my organs catch up! 

CharmeQuote #249
Phoebe: I will find a way!
Where there's a ying, there's a yang! 

CharmeQuote #248
Phoebe: Life altering plans cannot be squeezed in between
'Pass the newspaper' and 'Who ate the Special K?' 

CharmeQuote #247
Piper: Could you give me all the bad news at once?
Do you have to keep dolling it out for dramatic effect!?

CharmeQuote #246
Leo: Witch doctors are a wild card, and
that's why the Elders don't want us working with them!
Piper: Well sometimes, we don't want to
work with the Elders, so we're even!