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No One Likes To Hear "The End"

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Quotes by PrettyMwah

Dear Bullies,
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.

Karma is a B****,
and so are you.
Only beautiful souls

Deserve beautiful bodies.
Hey Guys,
Uhm I'm back..kinda. School started a few weeks ago and it's been pretty good I think =)
I missed you guys so much during the summer! I'll catch you guys up on the latest drama at school (That is, if you want.)
I kinda forgot how to do HTML stuff and so I'm gonna have to refresh my memory a bit.
I'm gonna post some of my new favorite quotes soon.

Love you all! ♥

I don't know...are you?
I shouldn't even care anymore

Popular Girl: Why are you wearing that? It doesn't even match.
Me: It's a free country.

Friend: Why do you always eat PB & J
Me: It's a free country.

Sister: Why do you wear those ugly glasses?
Me: It's a free country.

It's a free country.
I just noticed
my parents are gone.
"Now is the time to set your sights high and
go for it."

-My Fortune Cookie, 17 19 26 33 36 46
I Don't Wanna

Die with hopes and regrets,

I want to die happily.
"You're gonna miss me by my hair,

You're gonna miss me everywhere,

Oh, You're gonna miss me when I'm gone."