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Quotes by PrettyXPrincess

is the most attractive thing in a girl,

so keep your head held high and don't let anything put you down.


*Daily life of a cat*

- Nap time.
- Cat food.
- Demanding attention.
- Tries to scratch your eyes out.
- Nap time.
- Cat food.
- Walks around on your keyboard.
- Chases a squrriel.
- Nap time.
- Cat food.

I have a large vocabulary;
that I cant use around my half-retarded friends.

My life is a constant battle
between my love of food and not wanting to get fat...

That horrifying moment
when you're mum leaves you at the check out
and you're next in line...
Hey babe, want to come over
tonight and have some fun.
If you know what I mean? (;
Sure babe, you want some 

You know I do. And those
legs too (:
OK, I'll bring some KFC over then.

Love you!
So, I hear you like bad boys...

Well, I'm not trying to impress
you or anything but my bed time is 7:00pm but I go to at
OMG! Is that even legal?

I don't know, I just live
to be dangerous (;

Pick up lines #10

Boy: Hey, are you a magnet?

Girl: No, why?

Boy: 'Cause I'm attracted to you!


Pick up lines #9

Boy: Excuse me, can you empty your pockets?

Girl: Umm, why?

Boy: 'Cause I believe you have stolen my heart!

Pick up lines #8

Boy: Girl, you better have a liscense!

Girl: Wth, why?

Boy: 'Cause you're driving me crazy.


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