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Quotes by PrettyXPrincess

Pick up lines #7

Boy: Can I take a picture of you?

Girl: Err, why?

Boy: So I can show Santa what I want for Christmas.


*In salon*

Hairdresser: All done! What do you think?
Me: Thanks, it looks great.
Mind: WTF have you done with my hair?!

All the time...

 A guy broke into my house last week.

He didn't steal the TV, just the remote.

Now he drives by and changes the channels.
Sick Basta*d.


Format by Sandrasaurus

That moment when you realise
that the pen you're chewing is not yours.
The reason why I'm so good at keeping secrets,
            is because I forget most of them at the end of the day.

*Horror logic*

Driver: *Sees creepy lady on the side of the road*
Creepy lady: Give me a ride.
Driver: Sure, it's not like you look like you
             have the potential to kill me and dump
             me on the side of the road...

                                                           *Couples on wedding night*
                                                            Husband: Finally, I've been waiting for this so long.
                                                            Wife: Do you ever want to leave me?
                                                            Husband: No! I don't even want to think about it.
                                                            Wife: Do you love me?
                                                            Husband: Of course, very much!
                                                            Wife: Do you want to cheat on me?
                                                            Husband: No, why would you even ask me that?
                                                            Wife: Do you want to get intimate with me?
                                                            Husband: Every time I get the chance.
                                                            Wife: Would you ever hit me?
                                                            Husband: Are you kidding me? Hell no.
                                                            Wife: Can I trust you?
                                                            Husband: Yes, darling.
                                                            Wife: Sweetheart!
                                                            *After 10 years* Read back to front.

Top 5 annoying things on an airplane.

1. Crying babies.
2. Kids who kick your chair.
3. Creepy smiles of the cabin crew.
4. Miniscule toilets.
5. 1 hour safety demonstrations.

                                                    2:00am: *WITTY, WITTY, WITTY*
                                                                   I'll go to sleep at 3:00am.

                                                    4:00am: *WITTY, WITTY, WITTY*
                                                                    Why are the birds chirping?

                                                     5:00am: *WITTY, WITTY, WITTY*
                                                                    Might as well pull an all nighter.

                                                In Spanish class: *Snores*

                                                    ^^ A sad life of a Witty addict.

                                                                             *Reading a sad book*
*Starts crying*
                                                                              Mum: *Comes in* Why are you crying?
*Blubbers* This book.
                                                                              Mum: Are you on your period or something?
^^  She is so caring <3

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