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Quotes by PrettyXPrincess

*Before watching a horror*
Me: This is going to be sick!
Friend: Totally, I got popcorn!

*After watching horror*
Me: Walk me to the bathroom, please.
Friend: Yeah, I'm coming inside
            the bathroom too...

'He' finally broke up
with the snob
and she blames me.

Oh well, win - win situation (:
They're = They fking are.
Their = Shows fking possession.
You're = You fking are.
Your = Shows fking possession.
We're = We fking are.
Were = Past fking tense of "are".
Where = Specifies fking location.
Than = A fking comparison.
Then = A point in fking time.

Hope it helps (:

travels faster
than sound.
That's why some
people appear bright
until you hear them speak.


Should I be worried if
I see an old lady staring at me
in the retirement home opposite.
Which hasn't housed any anyone
since a few months ago..

My mum just shouted at me.
She is on the floor above.
I swear every sound is
increased 100x after midnight.

Everyday I try to spend some time
with my little brothers and
come to regret it after 5 minutes.

a life without
technology and Witty.
Yeah, it broke my heart too.


I love how Americans think
that us British are well mannered and polite.
When really we use a swear word
in every sentence.

Hey $exy,


shut the door,
drop you pants, climb on top 
and satisfy your needs.

Love always, Your Toilet.
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