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Quotes by PrettyXPrincess

is the time when you like Jerry
and admire his cleverness.

is the time when you understand that Jerry
is a complete a**hole
and you feel sorry for Tom.


That moment of accomplishment
when you get a higher mark
than the smartest kid
in class.


If sleep is so important,
why do we have to wake up
so early for school?


I have to stop asking
'How stupid can you get?'
I think people are starting
to take it as a

mq (:

It's funny
how you care about my looks
>>more than I do<<

In class:

Teacher: If I offer you money or brains, what would you choose?
Boy: Money of course.
Dumb girl: I prefer brains, hehe.
Quiet boy: Well everbody chooses what they don't have.
Everyone: *Silence* 
Me: Burrnn.

True story.

We all have 
that moment of relief
when you wake up from a nightmare,
the problem is that my eyes
>>are already wide open<<


I'm from Hong Kong and 
nowe don't eat 



Pick up lines #6

Boy: My love for you is like...

Girl: Aww..

Boy: Diarrhea, I can't hold it in.



Trying to forget someone 
you love is like 
trying to remember someone  
                   you've never met.                   

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