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Quotes by PrettyXPrincess

 We all have that one friend
who hits you when
she laughs<<

We love the ones
who ignore us,
whilst we ignore the ones
who love us.


The awkward moment
 when your mum
compares you to
another kid and she
has no idea how
much worse
they are than you.


Pick up lines #5

Boy: The force is strong with you.

Girl: Why?

Boy: Because baby, Yodalicious!


Pick up lines #4

Boy: Excuse me, I'm new in town.

Girl: How can I help you?

Boy: Can I have directions back

to your place? (;


Pick up lines #3

Boy: Are you religious?

Girl: Yes, why?

Boy: Because you're the

            answer to my prayers!


Girls are like abstract paintings,
even though you can't understand them.

They are still

In school:

Friend: Hey, can I drink some water from your water bottle?

Me: Oh, sure (:

Friend: *Takes one sip and gives it back*

Me: What was the point of even asking?

Pick up lines #2

Boy: Do you have a band aid?

Girl: Uhm no, why?

Boy: Because I scraped

                my knee falling for you!


10 for series (:

*In class*

Me: I don't have a pen!
Guy who is crushing on me: Here, you can have mine :D
Me: Err, no thanks. I'll manage...*creeped out face*
My crush: *Throws pen on my desk*
Me: OMG! Thank you so very much *hyperventilating*

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