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Buonjourno, everybody. My name is Arielle, as you can see from my username. I want to be a princess. I am officially obsessed with Italy. I have blue eyes and blonde hair that I can sit on! I love puppies and bunnies, and I love my friends, two of them being sockmonkey317 and FlyingDove. I am in love with a special man who I wish with all my heart was mine. I am obsessed with Harry Potter and even though I haven't read the books 37 times I am just as much of a fan as FlyingDove, despite what she says.... :P OHOHOH and chocolate is my new best friend <3

Okay so this girl is insanely sweet and pretty and i LOVE her xoxo yeah so she is very loyal and one of the best friends i have ever had oh oh oh and she has an INCREDIBLEAMAZINGLIKEILLEGALLYGOOD
singing voice. yup. going now. FlyingDove out. <3

its shira.
aka sockmonkey317.
hacking this lovely lady named arielle.
who is also coincidentally the princess of italy.
cool, huh?
yeah. thats right.
arielle is one cool human, you know that?
yeah well now you do.
cause i just said it.
yeah. thats right.
i dont know why i just wrote that.
we're going to get some fresh air soon.
oh and PS, when you're done stalking arielle here,
come stalk me ;)



Quotes by PrincessArielleOfItaly

Far over the Misty Mountains rise
Leave us standing upon the heights
What was before, we see once more
Our kingdom a distant light

Whoever said "real friends fight" are clearly trying to justify the abusive relationship they have with their friend:*
Sometimes I wonder if "PMS" was invented to make b*tchy girls feel better about themselves.:*


If you listen to your brain your heart will not be happy.

If you listen to your heart your brain will not be happy.

And if you listen to your brain and heart...the world is at peace.

Common and zoom common and zoom common and zoom common and zoom common and zooma zooma zooma zoom!

If u like what you see turn of your T.V. and DO it!!!

Who doesn't miss the 90's
And why did God have to pick me a soalmate that doesn't like me back?

It Will Be Alright

I heard he didn't like her back
I said:
"It will be alright"
I saw her wailing on the ground
I said:
"It will be alright"
I felt the tears in her eyes
I said:
"It will be alright"
I heard her cries and sighs,
looked deeply into her eyes,
I said:
"It will be alright
 It will be alright
 It will be alright 
 It will be alright
 It will be alright"

If I can do it, you can do it
If I can do it, you can do it
If I can do it, you can do it
If I can do it, you can do it
"No, No, No!"


It will always be alright.

The first poem i've posted.. hope u like it <3

Remember when the only "Harry" people quoted about was Harry Potter???
I looked outside my window this morning and thought to myself "wow this world really is a beautiful place"
too bad I'm the only one that thinks so
I wish we could live in a world where people believed in magic<3