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Omg My bestfriend and I made a YOLO last minute decision to go to the Royal Melbourne Show and we eneded up meeting the Janoskians! 27th/9/2012 <3 xo
Hey there my names Priya, I'm 14 from Austrlia  and I'm a Fiji indian! 
(an Indian born in Fiji but raised in Australia)
I love the Gym, Swimming, Netball, Social Networking sites; Facebook, twitter and Tumblr, Music, The Janoskians, Friends, Family, Summer and being happy!
~Right now I'm Single and ready to mingle~
At school I can honestly classify myself as average or a little above, I get along with everyone, but I'm not classified as one of the popular girls. I think i'm a nerd, because I love school and Learning! aha
Everyone describes me as smart, nice, artistic and creative!

My Appearence;
156cm (I'm short waah)
Long black wavy hair
darkish/tanned skin (Coz I'm indian ahah)
dark brown eyes
average weight atm because I have been doing this fitness weightloss thing since June and It's going good! Lost over 10kgs :)

I love giving advice to people! and when I'm older I want to have a job to do with helping people/Medicine.

FOLLOW ME! Here are some of my links and usernames to websites:

My instagram, Kik and Snapchat Usernames are the same- PriyaNarayanXo :) 
If you want my facebook, just ask me! PLEASE leave a comment below before you leave it would mean so much to me Xox
Stay happy Beautiful xo

Quotes by Priya10

the freshman girl oh so shy
sits and watches the sophomore guy
the sophomore guy his head in a whirl
sits and watches the junior girl
the junior girl in her red sedan 
sits and watches the seinor man
but the senior man all hot and wild

secretly loves the freshman child<3 
I'm ssick and tireo
  Being that "Smart girl" or "That Nice one"
Why can't I ever be " The Pretty one" or "The beautiful one"

AT&T M CELL 11:52 AM 78%
Dont mind this! Just saving the font
DAsdfghjkl; OKAY LOL
bravosierra's layout

I Hate how all the girls who,
Didn't Like Niall Horan from the start,
Are all of a sudden,
Starting to like him because his looks has changed,
I liked him before,
From the start. before the braces, before the changes, He was beautiful just the way he was,

Fav this if you liked him before And i 

I'm nearly 14
And I have never been in a relationship,
or had a Boyfriend.

All my friend have had at least 4 now
Is that Normal?
Its funny coz I made this same quote when I was 12 :/

** Ede 

"He had to sit next to me in class today, But he didn't talk to me all,
 He's a jock and he's popular, Why would he ever like a girl like me? I'm just a girl gets top marks at school.
 I don't Stand a chance with him."
"I Sat next to her in class today, But she didn't talk to me,
She's so smart and intelligent, why would she ever like me? I'm just a boy who likes to play sports,
I don't stand a chance with her."


 One Direction <3 
Twinkle Twinkle Liam Payne,
Harry, Louis, Niall and Zayn

One Direction are:

Amazayn! Brilliam! Extroinharry! Fablouis! Phenomeniall!

too ba

I'm so sick and tired o
  Being that "Smart girl" or "That Nice one"
Why can't I ever be " The Pretty one" or "The Hot one"


too ba

H ♥ w    i t    w    r k s :     

Girls Fall in Love with what they Hear.

Boys fall in Love with what they see, 

Thats why Girls wear Makeup,
And Boys lie.

Wiz Khalifa