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i want a boy who would hold my hand in line at the mall & make all the girls jealous i want someone who would sing to me at random moments someone who is more goofy than romantic a boy who would throw stuffed animals at me when i'm acting dumb someone who would bet me kisses that he could beat me at all the old playstaion games & then let me win a guy who would make fun of me just to hear my laugh he'd playe with my hair all the time & surprise me with 25 cent rings someone who i could share lollipops with & lay on a blanket with to count the stars we'd buy tons of disposable cameras to take the silliest pictures of each other & squirt waterguns at each other in the house but mostly someone who would be my best friend & would never break my heart he would just always make me smile im happier than i could ever beee _ his namee is nicholas and ohh goood gawd i loveeeeee him =]

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The most important thing about first loves :
As deep as it is for you at the time . it’s only a teaser for even more amazing things to come. And whether first love ends dramatically or hurtfully or simple, eventually all the emotional for surrounding it clears and we can see that first love is so special because its one of the few experiences in life when we fallow only our heart – not reason, not “rules,” not what other people say. Maybe that is why we all hold on to our first love in some way – why we miss it or long for it, want to reclaim it or redo it. Because first love opens our eyes to that feeling that everyone’s been talking about, singing about, writing about. It makes you feel like you’ve crossed over from not knowing to knowing . with first love, everything is new – and the possibilities it awakens in you are exhilarating.
You're my angel from up above. I was shot by your arrow & now i'm in love. With a thousand stars all in the sky, My favorites are the ones that sparkle in your eyes. You'll have my heart forever with all my love - were meant to be together.

my angel - bold
above - italicssss
by your arrow - bold
now im in love - italucsss
stars - underline
favorites - underline
sparkle in your eyes - bold
forever - italicss
all my lov e- bold
were meant to be together - bold
im friends with her
i love him
him loves her

friends - bold
her -italicss
love - bold
him - italicss
him - italicss
lovess - bold
her - italicss
i want you to put out your hand
and grab for mine, while all of your
friends are watching and say
"come on baby, let's make them jealous"
// for him i'd smile when he's happy
kiss him when he's sad .. try to be the
perfect girl & calm him when he's mad
hold ' his hand to make him strong &
say hes right when i know he's wrong

hand - bold
friends - italicss
baby - bold
jelous - italicss
when he`s the first person you look for
when you walk into a room, then *
he must be a { little } bit more than
|- - - - - - - - [ j u s t a f r i e n d ]

first person - bold
little - pink
just a friend - pink
if i could have one more dance
with you i would play a song that never ends

dance - bold
you - bold
song - underline
never ends - italicss
y o u d o n t k n o w
how much i love you
how much i day-dream about you
how much you are in my dreams
how much i picture us together
& how much i truley love you

you dont know - bold
i love you - italicss
i day dream about you - italicss
you are in my dreams - italicss
i picture us togehter - italicsss
i truely love you - pink
Oh..just when I think I'm under control.
I think I got a grip.
Another friend tells me that, I'm always on your lips.
They say I'm more than just a friend, they say I must be blind.
Well, I admit that I've seen you watch me from the corner of your eye.
Oh, It's so confusing. I wish you'd just confess.
But think of what I'd
be losin', if your answer isn't yes.
I even though the chance we'll end up together is 1 in a million its that 1 small chance that I live for. </3

million - bold
small - itlaicss
normal ;;
yeaa okay

normal - bold