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i want a boy who would hold my hand in line at the mall & make all the girls jealous i want someone who would sing to me at random moments someone who is more goofy than romantic a boy who would throw stuffed animals at me when i'm acting dumb someone who would bet me kisses that he could beat me at all the old playstaion games & then let me win a guy who would make fun of me just to hear my laugh he'd playe with my hair all the time & surprise me with 25 cent rings someone who i could share lollipops with & lay on a blanket with to count the stars we'd buy tons of disposable cameras to take the silliest pictures of each other & squirt waterguns at each other in the house but mostly someone who would be my best friend & would never break my heart he would just always make me smile im happier than i could ever beee _ his namee is nicholas and ohh goood gawd i loveeeeee him =]

Quotes by PrncssXo12

We never went out .
But that doesn't mean I didn't love him like a boyfriend,
Because I loved him more than a boyfriend.
I love him more then life

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He makes me smile without even trying if
I said I didn't feel something for him I'd be lying

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she was looking for love :: he was looking for fun ::
[[ men && mascara ]] always run

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everyone is going to hurt you
sooner or later
you just have to decide who's
  worth the pain
Tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe & he'll believe you. Tell him a bench has wet paint on it & he'll have to touch to be sure.

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friend: what do youu see inn him ??
me: everything youu dont<3

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one boy. one girl . two hearts beating wildly. [to put it midly]it was love at first sight. he smiled, she smiled; they both knew this was the day that they had been waiting for all their lives

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doctors ; they seem to always
have an antibiotic for everything
these days ; sure there are a few
that are to .c.o.m.p.l.e.x. just yet ;
but there is one disease i am quite
positive they havenít even tried
but itís one almost everyone gets ;
I believe it to be called `-->heartbreak
i hope the next girl you kiss
has something terribly
contagious on her lips...

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