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Need advice guys!

There's this guy and I've been told that he likes me, but I really don't see him in that way. He messaged me and we were just chatting and then he asks if we can meet up sometime this summer. I haven't opened the full message so he doesn't know that I've seen anything but I don't know what to do! Help! I don't want to hurt his feelings but I just know that even if I did meet up with him it would awkward and I also don't want to be leading him on! How do I get out of this? How do I make it clear to him that I only want to be friends without being mean?!

Thanks guys!

It's funny how,
you can get loads of compliments and then one bad comment
comes and makes you
forget all about them.

Wipe  away  those  tears

from your  pretty  little  eyes

So, I had an exam today and well, lets just say it didnt go very well. I panicked and yeah I didn't do my best. It was a really important exam, I need to get an A to get into uni and now I'm not sure if I even got that. Like I've tried telling myself to get over it, life goes on, there's nothing I can do about etc but every single time I just remember it and it hurts. Gosh I know I sound really lame right now but you know, that exam actually has the power to change my future and I have to wait until August not feeling confident about it. Argh.

Yes he's got the most beautiful smile
but with it,
 he tells the most beautiful lies



are so much better when they come from strangers


She was just a girl, blinded by her insecurities,never knowing how beautiful she was
I hate how in school, people only want to talk to you if you're "pretty". Everyone just walks past the "unpretty" people, doesn't give them a chance to show everyone how beautiful they really are

That feeling, that you'll never ever be good enough...

I love the way

you look at me,the way you make me smile,
the way you smile that half smile, the way
you can make me laugh all the time, the
way you say my name, the way you make
that cute face, the way your heart beats
when I rest my head against your chest,
the way you make me feel beautiful

I love the way you are you