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Quotes by Prz_LiL_Luversz

we lasted a while,
we thouqht it was tru,
we thouqht we were meant 2 be,
held eachother tiqht,
thinkin bout them all night,
but one day, had a big fiqht,
she heard more then she wanted 2 noe,
then she knew. she had 2 let him --->qo
{ && SheLove.this.kidd.odee }
{ She noe he's mad at her rite now but oh well }
{ but its only cuz tha kidd love her 2 }
{ <3 }
<3my hearts been broke and fixed a million times,
but something about you'h makes my heart shine<3

| made myself/don't joc/1oo% made by mee |
love all that hate<3
they make you'h more famous yO.! ! .
Loves a struggle, but no matter how much it hurts, keep working at it.eventually you'll find someone who loves you'h more then love itself. and that's when you'h knoe ..evrything will turn out fine
goOd Frendz are duh onesz dat sey "iLoveu" anD dnt caRe if ppL call theM fruity,,
They'ree tha Onesz daT they aRe there fOr uR goOd daysz n Bad days, But ur especially thankfull when theY help you'h oN ur Bad days,
They understand you'h more thEn you'h understand yaselff.
They'ree the oNesz whO keep yuh HappY even when No1 else kan
Deyy da oNesz whu care da Most<3
Please don't worry bout me I'm finee,
Only guna play duh foOl one tyme,
I tried 2 change muh Ways for you'h,
but loOk at what you'h gOne n do,
its ok douh,
I've cried muh tears now there qone,
I've unfortunatly qotten mines,
but'h will get yuhrsz
I'll be Lovin you'h all muhh lifee,
til muh dyin day is thruu,
I'll be Lovin you'h ..
Ferrevuhh !!

based on the song I'll be lovin you'h all my life | old skool hip hop ! |
qhetto love is da law dat we live by <3
&&This qawqeuos qhetto princess isz jonesin on yo boOtay,
hit up cellular