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hey, the name's Kelly.
I'm 18 years oldd, :]  I am a senior in high school this year.
I play basketball, and soccer.
I love meeting new people and talking. And I also love to singgg.
I'm addicted to Facebook, Witty, andd my phone :p
Talk to me :)

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Love is like a puzzle. You need to find

the right piece, not settle for something you've

made fit. 

Don't follow your dreams, chase them

Well, I'm not sure what this is gonna be, But with my eyes closed all I see Is the skyline, through the window, The moon above you and the streets below. Hold my breath as you're moving in, Taste your lips and feel your skin. When the time comes, baby don't run, just kiss me slowly.

how come when I reach out my fingers it seems like more than distance between us? 

This past year, I lost my best friend. At first, I thought life would be hell without her. But I realized it isn't and that I am much happier now. I learned to deal with it and move on. I have plenty of friends who love me for me and don't just pretend to care about me.
Who needs her?
Not me. ♦

When everything's made to be broken I just want you to know who I am.
Does anyone else think the summer of 2011 went really fast?! :(

The tears fall constantly,

the pain makes it hard to breathe. </3