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Quotes by PurpleLoveHearts

getting friendzoned by someone who you thought liked you
is probably the worst feeling

do you ever put your phone on your heart
whilst waiting for him to reply
and when it goes off
your heart skips a couple beats.
who do you think you are?

running round leaving scars
Be the happy face
amognst the sad
blades upon desktops
and blood stains on pillows
food left on tables
sad faces in mirrors
tears shed from crushes and sadness boys bring
these are a few of my favourite things
Please try again later
the word four words I've ever read.

If I ever have a child when I grow up,

I want her to be like Chloe Lukasiak.

Modest, beauitful, not jealous in any way, so sweet, kind to everyone and a bubbly personality.


Good Morning

I see the assassins have failed.

Dreams do come true. You just have to BELIEVE.
"You can never start a new chapter of your life
if you can't stop re-reading the last one"