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Give Me Another Chance   
chapter two 

I don't even know why I gave Ray my number.  He's not really someone I would ever talk to if he didn't text me.  People say looks can be everything, but if they were, Ray would be popular, because he is quite good looking.  Not as good looking, of course, as my boyfriend.  Cal.  Sweet, amazingly attractive Cal.  I'm sure he will have some big role in the story of my love life.  I don't see why Ray still flirts with me even though I'm taken.  Whatever floats his boat.




"Summer!" my mom called.  "Fall, Winter, Spring," I said boredly.  I looked at my clock.  7:15, breakfast time, and my mom always made the best breakfasts.  I painted the last toenail, then ran downstairs wearing. a pair of skinny jeans, a blue v-neck, and one of Cal's sweatshirts in my hand.  "What's for breakfast, mother dearest?" I asked.  She smiled at me, not looking up from her hands, which she was washing.  "Chocolate chip pancakes," she said, motioning towards a plate with two steaming flapjacks on it.  "Yay," I smiled.  "What's going on today?"  she asked, wiping her hands dry on her pants.  "I have a World History test," I said with my mouth full.  "Sum, don't talk with your mouth full."  I rolled my eyes and said, "Sorry Mom," which came out as "Sorr Om." She laughed at me, then said, "Go get in the car.  Don't want to be late for school.


I Love you Jamie Lockhart my wee babe!
why me what i do now
chapter 2
06:30. i got up and done what i usually did. mom was already up and made my breakfast. i got changed and took my bag down stairs. i wasn't as trendy as all my other girl friends were. the bus was due at 08:00 so i popped my head into the living room. no-one was  there so i scanned quickly across the room. within a second i found the laptop  and opened the lid. i signed into my facebook accounf and i had 10 mail. I opened them one by one 2 of them from Shaun. he told me i was to met him.
Oh no! what for now. should i go? what does hewant from me? should i go change into my skirt? should i take my make-up bag? 
Then i heard a beeping of a loud horn outside. it was the school bus. i left  and sat my self on the bus. listened to music asking myself questions about the mail he had sent me.
why me what i do now
chapter 1
*bleep bleep bleep*
it was a text! Oh no from Shaun. i opened it up and read it. it said"So Kate you up for this or are you to scared?"
I was thinking of a reply. remembering what had happened last year when Shaun and I had dated. Like sneaking  into my room at night and saying things like how we had do 'it'. when my mom and dad found out it got grounded. 
Well actually no i am not ready sorry. can't text now bye see you at school tomorrow. 
I got my school books in my bag and hopped into my bed.  it wasn't long before i fell asleep...
Give Me Another Chance
chapter one

I was in my room painting my toenails pink when my phone vibrated.

It was a text from Raymond, but everyone calls him Ray.

He has short but kind of messy black hair. He has bright blue eyes and his skin is a nice even color. Hes tall and muscular but he isn't the most popular guy because he is a little dorky but super sweet and funny. Rays in my grade, we are both sophmores but he is 16 and i am 15 turning 16 soon.

The text said "hey beautiful;)" he would flirt with me like that.

But honestly i don't think i'm that pretty.

I am short but in shape. I also have light brown hair and blue eyes. My hair is longish and i won best hair in 8th grade and i get that i'm pretty a lot. I am pretty tan and i'm part of the popular crowd but not the most popular.

The most popular girl is Payten. She is tall, blonde, and every guys dream. 

I slid my keyboard open and texted back "Hey Ray"
This quote does not exist.

Find Boys Immediately

 I'm really confused :/
Some people tell me i'm pretty and stuff,
And others call me a fat mess :/
What am i ???
:$ :$:$ :$ :$ :$ :$ :$ :$ :$ xxx
Just walking without a care though Morrissons
when you cant help but notice the stares you are getting off of people.
then you look down and notice you're Bra is hanging clean out your t-shirt. I had put on my differant t-shirt. the one that got streached! arggg
can't stand the girl that talks about you behind your back, to her boyfriend ( who happens to be the boy 
you are in love with ) and they denys it :/'!